Stake SAND (Polygon)

Information and guidance about staking SAND through Biconomy's gasless transaction service at The Sandbox.


In February 2022, The Sandbox introduced gasless SAND staking on Polygon through a service called Biconomy. This program is open to everyone on the Layer 2 Polygon network, where 500,000 SAND in rewards will be added each week for the first four weeks.
Apart from any fees that it might initially cost to bridge SAND from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network, staking SAND in this program is gasless, provided that you haven't used up your monthly quota of gasless transactions.
This staking program is, in particular, a great opportunity for those who are new to staking, before considering getting involved in some of the more "heavier" staking programs.
SAND holders who provide liquidity to the program will be eligible to share a monthly allocation of 500,000 SAND.
Rewards are distributed pro-rata, relative to a trader’s percentage of total liquidity over the course of a one-week period.
You can claim your rewards from this pool once per week (or every 7 days).

How to stake in the SAND staking pool

To enhance user security and compliance, we have implemented KYC verification for our staking process. Our goal is to ensure that our users' accounts are verified before they can participate in staking or claim their earnings. Unverified users can still withdraw their SAND, but only verified users can deposit new SAND and claim their weekly rewards.

Before you get started: SAND

If you do not currently hold any SAND, you can bridge your SAND to SAND using a swap service. There is an easy-to-use bridging service integrated on The Sandbox website. See our guide on bridging SAND to SAND if needed:

Before you get started: Polygon Network

Note that your wallet needs to be switched to the Polygon Mainnet network, in order to stake on Polygon's Layer 2 network. If you have not set this up in your wallet yet see our guide:

Before you get started: Gas Fees

Through Biconomy, The Sandbox offers different ways to go through gas fees related to staking.
  • Gasless: The Sandbox offers you 10 free gasless transactions per month. This means that you can stake more SAND or withdraw from your existing pool without having to pay additional fees.
  • Forward: This new feature will have the possibility to use your SAND to pay your gas fees in lieu of MATIC.
  • Classic: You still have the option to pay your gas fees using MATIC
The Gasless feature is enabled by default, and you can enable the Forward feature directly in your chain settings.

Staking SAND

Step One

Head on over to the Staking Dashboard on The Sandbox website:

Step Two

Locate the SAND staking option and press the Approve button.

Step Three

Sign the transaction confirmation that should appear. If gasless is enabled, this transaction will go through Biconomy, our trust forwarder.

Step Four

Once approved, you will see the option to deposit. Click the Deposit button to access the deposit panel.

Step Five

Choose the amount of SAND to deposit. Confirm this and then sign the transaction confirmation in your wallet. Again, if "Gasless" or "Forward" is enabled, the transaction will go through Biconomy.
Under the gasless toggle, you will see your remaining gasless transactions for the month.
Remember that you can claim your rewards from this pool once every 7 days.

Video Guide

Here a video guide showing how to stake SAND at The Sandbox, which was produced by PandaPops, a livestreamer and team member at The Sandbox. It includes automatic captions for the hard of hearing or non-English speakers.

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