Learn more about GEMs and CATALYSTs in The Sandbox.

What are GEMs?

GEMs are an ERC-20 utility token, which are burnt on usage, that define your ASSET’s attributes.
Attributes define your ASSET’s stats. These will be displayed in the Sandbox’s game experiences throughout the metaverse. This means that the more attributes your ASSETs have, the more useful you’ll find them within the Sandbox, and thus incrementing its value.
One GEM will be able to provide 25 attribute points to an ASSET and, with the help of CATALYSTs, you’ll be able to socket up to 4 GEMs, meaning up to 100 attribute points.

How do you get GEMs?

GEMs are given as rewards for staking $SAND on LAND. Alternatively, you will also be able to purchase GEMs from other players via The Sandbox's marketplace.

What possible GEM attributes are there?

What are CATALYSTs?

CATALYSTs are an ERC-20 utility token, which are burnt on usage, that define your ASSET’s tier and scarcity. CATALYSTs add empty sockets to your NFTs that can be filled with Gems, the higher quality the Catalyst the more sockets your ASSET will have. CATALYSTs have four different tiers.

How do I get CATALYSTs?

It will be possible to obtain CATALYSTs through several methods in the metaverse. More information on these methods will be released in the future.

What are the four different CATALYST tiers?

There are four different tiers, which define both the number of sockets that your ASSETs have as well as their scarcity.
Up to 25
Up to 20,000
Up to 50
Up to 4,000
Up to 75
Up to 1,500
Up to 100
Up to 200
The higher the tier of the CATALYST is, the more scarce and powerful the ASSET will be.

How do you add GEMs and CATALYSTs to ASSETs?

The ASSET will need to be uploaded to The Sandbox's marketplace through VoxEdit. After entering the ASSET details, such as the name and description. In the next step you will be able to define the GEMs and CATALYSTs for the ASSET as well as assign a predefined behaviour to it.