General frequently asked marketplace questions

Your most asked questions about The Sandbox Marketplace - answered!

What can you buy or sell on The Sandbox's Marketplace?

You can buy and sell 3D Voxel ASSETs from the marketplace. Such as entities, decorations, buildings, blocks, equipment, wearables and so on.
You will also, in the future, be able to purchase other NFTs such as LANDs and GEMs via the Marketplace. As well as having the opportunity to rent your LAND out to developers.

Who can upload NFTs onto the marketplace to sell?

Initially only those who have been accepted into the Creator Fund will be able to upload pre-approved and commissioned ASSETs onto the marketplace (in other words, they cannot just upload whatever they want).
In the future everyone will be able to upload their ASSETs onto the marketplace whether they are a member of the Creator Fund or not.

How much are NFTs on the marketplace sold for?

The price of the NFTs on the marketplace is up to the artist or seller. However, they would need to bear in mind several factors in order to price their NFT fairly and attractively, such as uniqueness, overall quality, scarcity, size, location (of LAND) and so on.

What currency does the marketplace accept?

The currency of The Sandbox's ecosystem is $SAND. Therefore, you will need $SAND to perform any transactions on The Sandbox's marketplace. At this present time you will also need ETH for the Ethereum blockchain's gas fees to process the transaction.

Are there any fees for buying or selling on the marketplace?

There is a 5% fee applied to all interactions with The Sandbox's marketplace, which is applied automatically. For example, if a seller uploads an NFT to the marketplace and sets a price of 500 $SAND, then it will be listed as 525 $SAND.

Where does the revenue made from the marketplace go?

The creator or seller of the NFT will get 95% of the revenue from the sale of their NFT on the marketplace. The other 5% will go towards funding and incentivising other great creators, artists and designers through the Creator Fund and the Game Maker Fund.

Do I need a Sandbox account to purchase NFTs from The Sandbox's marketplace?

Yes. You will need to have registered an account on The Sandbox and connected your cryptocurrency wallet to that account in order to make purchases from the marketplace. Click here to see our guide for help with registering an account.

When was the launch of the marketplace?

The launch date of The Sandbox's (beta) marketplace is the 30th March 2021.

What is the + symbol next to the ASSETs on the marketplace for?

This button allows you to add ASSETs to your inventory in order to try them out in the Game Maker before you decide if you wish to purchase them. You will not be able to publish an experience, such as a game, on your LAND unless you have purchased all of the ASSETs you have chosen to use.