Work With The Sandbox

Information on how to work with The Sandbox.
The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse on the blockchain where players, artists and designers can build, own, and monetise their own metaverse experiences and NFTs on the blockchain, such as games, art galleries, virtual stores and more. The Sandbox is partnered with many gaming giants and brands, such as Atari, Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Smurfs, Care Bears, Square Enix, and so on.
We are looking for amazing individuals to join our dynamic team on our mission to empowering creators.

Why work for The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is looking for amazing talents across multiple fields to join our ever-expanding team. As part of our team, you will have a part in shaping the metaverse today, for the future generations.
We strongly believe in the power of teamwork, and we also believe that strong teamwork exponentially builds on the achievements of individuals. The Sandbox team's ability to collaborate, and so strongly, helps us all to adapt to the ever-changing worlds of gaming, blockchains, metaverses, cryptocurrency and technology, to be a leader in these sectors and build a community and product that we can all be proud of. Something we can all point to together and say "we did that".
The Sandbox already has an exceptional team of international and diverse, unique and amazing individuals working either in our offices or remotely from their own chosen locations, such as from home. We do not believe in so-called "barriers", we believe there is room for everyone to contribute, learn, and grow. Our team is situated all over the world, across every single continent (ok, maybe except for the Antarctica). We welcome and adore every one of our team members equally, regardless of cultural differences, health & disabilities, personal beliefs, personal identities, and so on. There is strength in diversity, and we'd love you to become a part of it here at The Sandbox.

How to work with us

Corporate, Company & Development

(Marketing, blockchain developers, software developers, Unity developers, finance, human resources, project management, quality assurance, engineers, etc). We sometimes have openings for company and corporate roles at The Sandbox, ranging from entry level to senior level.
Click here to see our current corporate, company & development vacancies on our official website.

Community Support

(Community moderators, community support, translators, writers, live-streamers, social media influencers, etc). These individuals are hand-picked out of The Sandbox's Ambassador Program (or sometimes our fund programs), based on several factors, such as helpfulness, loyalty, activity, level of knowledge, attitude and so on. Please see the Ambassador Program link below to learn more.
The Ambassador Program

Artists & Game Designers

(Voxel artists, NFT designers, game designers, artists, diorama creators, level designers, etc). We offer two programs for skilled artists and game designers, to fund and incentivise their skills and to produce exceptional content for the metaverse. Please see the links below for further information.
Voxel Artists click here.
Game Designers click here.
We sometimes also share news about opportunities on The Sandbox's social media. Follow us:
We also welcome partnership and mutual collaboration proposals. See: Partner With The Sandbox.