About ERC-1155

Learn more about ERC-1155 tokens.


The ERC-1155 token is a new standard on the Ethereum blockchain for representing virtual items and allows the creation of multiple types of items in the same contract. In other words, it allows creators to mint any number of copies of the same ASSET.
When using an ERC-1155 token with a supply of one, it can also be seen as an ERC-721.

The flexibility of ERC-1155

The flexibility of ERC-1155 tokens is extremely useful for virtual items used in games in The Sandbox's metaverse. Creators can mint any number of copies of the same digital ASSETs.
We want our creators to be able to create NFTs with a unique scarcity (via ERC-721) which can work with the existing ecosystem and of which multiple copies can be made (via ERC-1155). Creating multiple copies of the digital ASSET allows ASSET designers to mint a collection of items that they can sell on The Sandbox's marketplace for game designers to purchase and use.