The Sandbox MoonCats NFT Recall

Important information for The Sandbox members who hold The Sandbox MoonCat NFTs.
Ponderware have elected to buy back all of The Sandbox MoonCat NFTs.

Benefits for surrendering

Those who surrender their NFTs will get the following benefits:
  • Short term: Those who surrender their The Sandbox MoonCats NFTs will receive 500 $SAND.
  • Long term: You will also, in the near future, receive a replacement NFT, designed jointly by Ponderware and The Sandbox.

Compatibility note

The Sandbox MoonCats will not be compatible with the upcoming The Sandbox client or any Ponderware projects.
Whereas the replacement NFT will be compatible with The Sandbox game, so now’s the purr-fect time to trade up for both rewards!
The Sandbox has also purchased several MoonCats for The Sandbox Foundation, which will be managed by our DAO!

How to surrender your The Sandbox Mooncat NFT

  • To surrender your NFT and be eligible for a replacement, please send it to the following address: 0x7A9fe22691c811ea339D9B73150e6911a5343DcA
  • Deadline: 13th November 2021
The deadline has passed!
Do not send anything to the wallet address now otherwise you may not get anything in return.


I sent my MoonCat NFT back, but have not yet received the SAND.

Those who returned their MoonCats before the original deadline, before it was extended to the 13th November, most likely already have their SAND. Make sure you have checked correctly:
  1. 1.
    Copy the address of the cryptocurrency wallet that you returned the NFT from.
  2. 2.
    Go to Paste the wallet address into the search box and press enter.
  3. 3.
    Click the "Internal Txns" tab, almost mid-way down the page.
  4. 4.
    Look for an incoming transaction of SAND from a service called "".
If you have not yet received your SAND, please be patient as it will be sent at another date, possibly at the same time as the replacement NFT (see below).

I sent my MoonCat NFT back, but have not yet received the replacement NFT.

The replacement NFT is being designed by Ponderware themselves. It will be distributed to you when Ponderware have completed the NFT's design. At the time of writing, no estimated date for this has been provided.

I sent my MoonCat to the wrong address.

There is unlikely to be anything that The Sandbox or Ponderware can do to help you with this, as NFTs are decentralised, meaning they are out of both of The Sandbox's and Ponderware's control. You can contact your wallet provider for further assistance.