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Forgotten passwords or login credentials
The Sandbox team will never, ever, under any circumstances what-so-ever request your passwords, security keys, security questions or security passphrases.
In some support cases, we may ask for your wallet address. This is safe to give to us, though you may prefer to do so privately, as it is public record and does not allow anyone to access your wallet.

I forgot my password to access my Sandbox account.

Please use the forgotten password tool on the login page to reset your password.

I forgot my password to access my Game Maker account.

The login credentials to access your Game Maker account are exactly the same as the credentials you entered into your Sandbox profile when you registered. If you forgot these, please use the forgotten password tool.

I forgot which wallet I registered with.

  • If you registered with your email address, then you likely have a Bitski wallet.
  • If you registered with a social network, such as Facebook, Google (aka Gmail) or Twitter, then you likely have a Venly wallet. (Note: Venly was previously known as Arkane).
  • If you registered through the Web3 option, you likely have a MetaMask wallet.
  • If you use the Brave browser and registered through the Web3 option, you might have a Brave wallet.
    • Accessed via the Brave browser.

I forgot the password or security key for my cryptocurrency wallet.

The Sandbox is unable to assist you with this as your wallet is a third-party. If there is a forgotten password tool on your wallet's login page, use this.
Generally, if you forgot your wallet's password, you can still recover your wallet with the security key or security passphrase you should have been given by the wallet when you registered it - hopefully you wrote this down somewhere.
If you are still unable to access the wallet, you will need to contact the support team for the wallet service that you use.
It is your sole responsibility to remember and keep safe any passwords and security keys or phrases.
If you come across someone asking for your password or security keys, even if they claim to be Sandbox staff or staff for the wallet service you use - never, ever give them your password or security keys.

I believe my wallet was hacked or stolen.

Sorry to hear about that. Please get in touch with the support team for the wallet that you use. The Sandbox cannot assist you with third-party wallet issues. Remember, it is your sole responsibility to keep the wallet, its contents, its login credentials and security keys safe.