Access Pending Transactions

When depositing or withdrawing your tokens from one network to the other, the transaction can take up to a few hours. Here is how you can quickly check your pending transactions.

Transaction History

You can check the transaction status at any time by checking the transaction history. There you will be able to see what step your transaction is at and if there are any action required on your end to continue the withdrawal.


When withdrawing tokens from the Polygon network to the Ethereum network, you need to confirm a new transaction once it reaches the checkpoint. When the transaction reaches the checkpoint, it will trigger an"action required".
Clicking that button will then lead you to confirming that you want to continue the process and when prompted sign the wallet confirmation. This action will incur a certain amount of gas fees.
After that, your tokens will continue their withdrawal to the Ethereum network with no further action from your end.
You can also visualize and unblock any pending transactions by heading to the bridge explorer: