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The Creator Fund

Learn more about the Creator Fund in The Sandbox and how to successfully apply.
Please be aware that the Creator Fund is not currently taking applications.
You can read this Medium article to learn more about what the Creator Fund has achieved to date, and what the future of user-generated content will look like at The Sandbox as opportunities open up for all creators.


The Sandbox's Creator Fund is an initiative to support artists by rewarding and incentivising them to create 3D ASSETs for The Sandbox platform.
‌Successful applicants of the Creator Fund will be tasked with creating very high quality voxel art-based ASSETs using The Sandbox's voxel art software - VoxEdit.
These voxel creations will be published on the Ethereum blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are virtual tokens which ensure scarcity, security and authenticity without the limitations of any centralised control. ‌Artists will be rewarded on a per-ASSET basis. This reward ranges from $2 USD to $60 USD per unique ASSET. These grants come from the Foundation Fund. In addition to this, artists will also be able to sell their ASSETs on The Sandbox's integrated marketplace too.
A golem ASSET being created by Thibault

Applying for the Creator Fund

To become a member of The Sandbox's Creator Fund, you will need to fill in an application form. This form is linked at the bottom of this page.
Before you fill in the form, it is highly recommended that you read this page to maximise your chances of being accepted into the program. We are looking for those who can produce very high quality voxel art.

Before you apply - Registering

Before you can participate in the Creator Fund, you will need to have registered an account on The Sandbox with a cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet will be used for storing your voxel ASSETs as well as any other tokens from the platform, such as $SAND. The page linked below will guide you through the registration process.

Before you apply - VoxEdit software & guidelines

You should spend some time to familiarise yourself with our VoxEdit software, which you will be using to create your voxel art ASSETs. We have a few written and video tutorials to help you. Click here to go to the tutorials page. There are also weekly VoxEdit contests that you can take part in to help sharpen your VoxEdit skills.
You should also make sure you are familiar with the voxel art guidelines and technical specifications in The Sandbox. Click here to see the guidelines and technical specifications.‌ You can also join our official Discord server to chat with artists and staff if you have questions or are looking for VoxEdit hints and tips. Click here for the link to our official Discord server.
Thibault's golem ASSET in action

Before you apply - Who we are looking for

The Creator Fund seeks artists who have proven experience in voxel and/or ASSET design. We will be reviewing the range and quality of your art, the originality and suitability of the art, your artistic imagination and your demonstrated ability within your field. We are looking for:
  • Artists who can create both static and animated voxel ASSETs.
  • Artists who can create compelling NFT voxel art pieces.
  • Artists who can produce assets that engage players in an interactive, game-oriented environment.
  • Artists who exhibit great creativity and artistic imagination within their work.
  • Artists who thrive on an authentic working partnership with the players and the game developers who will buy and use their ASSETs.
  • Artists who can assess not only the visual attraction of their assets but their suitability for players and developers.
A Mecha ASSET being designed by Bon Jerald

Before you apply - Portfolio

‌As part of your application process, you will need to show us a portfolio of your artistic works. This portfolio should show a range of your skills in creating voxel art (whether your skills lie in static art, animated art or both). For example, it ideally should show:
  • Some examples of your static voxel art, if you have any.
    • Examples: decorations, static foliage, buildings, wearables, weapons, environmental clutter, and so on.
  • Some examples of your animated voxel art, if you have any (preferably as GIFs).
    • Examples: animals, birds, fish, enemies, non-player characters, animated foliage, environmental effects (such as fire/water), and so on.
  • An example of your artistic imagination. By covering more than one genre or theme.
  • How detailed your voxel art is. The small details really do matter when it comes to overall quality.

Don't have a portfolio?

You can create a portfolio relatively quickly and for free using a free website creator and host. Wix, Weebly and uCraft are three examples of these services.
Alternatively, you can upload your art onto an artistic gallery community, such as ArtStation or DeviantArt, if you'd prefer this.

Application form

Applcations are currently closed. Watch this space!
When you think you are ready to apply for the creator fund, please take the time to fill in this application form with as much detail about you and your work as possible. Click here to go to the application form.
Please note that your application will be reviewed as quickly as possible (this depends on how many applications there are to review and the availability of our busy team members).
Best of luck with your application.
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