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Your most asked questions about $SAND - Answered!

Do I need $SAND to purchase LAND and ASSETs?

Yes, you will need $SAND to make any purchases from The Sandbox's ecosystem. That includes LAND, ASSETs and GEMs.

How much $SAND will be circulating in total?

The total circulating supply of $SAND is 3,000,000,000.

Is $SAND a stablecoin?

No, $SAND is not designed to be a stablecoin. The valuation of $SAND can change based on the supply and demand for it as well as other market factors.

Who are the existing $SAND investors?

Some of the $SAND investors are Square Enix, Hashed, Blocore, B-Cryptos and True Global Ventures. You can learn more about The Sandbox's investors and partners on our official Medium, here:

Do you plan on burning any $SAND?

We are not planning to burn any $SAND in the future. We are putting the $SAND that is consumed by users back into the ecosystem via the Foundation to support content production through grants to creators and the staking pool.

Is $SAND a governance token?

Yes. $SAND is a governance token that allows holders to participate in governance decisions on the platform using a DAO structure. They can exercise voting rights on key elements such as Foundation grant attributions to content and game creators and feature prioritisation on the platform roadmap. $SAND holders can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.

How can I add the $SAND token to my MetaMask wallet?

Here are the instructions to show your LAND tokens in your MetaMask wallet. A GIF is also provided below.
1) In your MetaMask wallet, click the "Add Token" button. 2) Click the "Custom Token" tab. 3) In the "Token Contract Address", paste the following address: 0x3845badAde8e6dFF049820680d1F14bD3903a5d0 (Link) 4) Click "Next". 5) Finally, click "Add Tokens".
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