More about SAND

Your most asked questions about $SAND - Answered!

Do I need $SAND to purchase LAND and ASSETs?

Yes, you will need $SAND to make any purchases from The Sandbox's ecosystem. That includes LAND, ASSETs and GEMs.

How much $SAND will be circulating in total?

The total circulating supply of $SAND is 3,000,000,000.

Is $SAND a stablecoin?

No, $SAND is not designed to be a stablecoin. The valuation of $SAND can change based on the supply and demand for it as well as other market factors.

Who are the existing $SAND investors?

Some of the $SAND investors are Square Enix, Hashed, Blocore, B-Cryptos and True Global Ventures. You can learn more about The Sandbox's investors and partners on our official Medium, here:

Do you plan on burning any $SAND?

We are not planning to burn any $SAND in the future. We are putting the $SAND that is consumed by users back into the ecosystem via the Foundation to support content production through grants to creators and the staking pool.

Is $SAND a governance token?

Yes. $SAND is a governance token that allows holders to participate in governance decisions on the platform using a DAO structure. They can exercise voting rights on key elements such as Foundation grant attributions to content and game creators and feature prioritisation on the platform roadmap. $SAND holders can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.

How can I add the $SAND token to my MetaMask wallet?