About The Sandbox

Who is The Sandbox?

When was the company behind The Sandbox founded?

The company was founded in 2011 by Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget.

Where is The Sandbox's office and HQ based?

We have offices and remote staff operating from all over the world.

The headquarters are based in Hong Kong.

How much experience does The Sandbox have in the industry?

The company has a decade of experience (as of 2021) in the gaming industry. In this time, several mobile games have been developed and released, such as Goosebumps Horror Town, The Addams Family Mystery Mansion, Wonder Park, Snoopy's Town Tale and Garfield. Of course, the company also developed and released The Sandbox 1 and The Sandbox Evolution, two mobile games that are the predecessors of this one. Our first sandbox-themed game was released on mobile devices in 2012.

These products have been downloaded millions of times each and also have active player-bases in the millions.

Who are The Sandbox's partners?

The Sandbox has many partners, including but not limited to:


Square Enix

Care Bears

Rollercoaster Tycoon


Shaun The Sheep










Guild of Guardians

Avenged Sevenfold


The Walking Dead

Hell's Kitchen

And more!

How does The Sandbox plan to achieve full decentralisation in the game?

The goal is that, within five years of release, $SAND will be 100% owned by the players. The Sandbox will continue developing the platform while owning 0%.

$SAND holders will be able to participate in the governance of the platform using a DAO structure, where they can exercise voting rights in key elements of the platform. This will progressively remove the company's control from the platform and give that control to the token holders.

What are The Sandbox's growth predictions?

Within three to five years of launch, The Sandbox hopes to grow to ten million global users. Within ten years, we aim to grow to one-hundred million global users.

Are there any positions available within The Sandbox?

Corporate & Company (Marketing, Developers, Project Management, Designers, etc): Please follow The Sandbox's official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, as available positions will often be shared on these platforms when they are available. If no positions matching your skills are currently open, feel free to submit your résumé and/or LinkedIn to The Sandbox via email, to be considered at a later date. 🔗 Links: Twitter | LinkedIn | The Sandbox Email

Community Support (Live Chat Support, Moderators, Translators, etc): These individuals are hand-picked out of The Sandbox's Ambassador Program (or sometimes our fund programs), based on several factors, such as helpfulness, loyalty, activity, level of knowledge, attitude and so on. 🔗 Link: The Ambassador Program

Voxel Artists & Game Designers: 🔗Voxel Artists click here. 🔗Game Designers click here.

How can The Sandbox be reached for partnership invitations, collaborations and other similar mutually beneficial proposals?

The Sandbox is open to receiving partnership proposals or proposals of other kinds of collaborations and mutually beneficial relationships. Please feel free to get in touch with The Sandbox through the email linked below. Your proposal will need to:

  • Be highly detailed.

  • Explain who you are and what you do.

  • Explain exactly what your proposal is and why it may benefit The Sandbox.

  • Provide links to any websites and relevant data.

  • Disclose whether you already have a vested interest or involvement in The Sandbox (such as owning LAND or holding SAND tokens).

Once received, your proposal will be forwarded to the appropriate marketing and partnerships teams within The Sandbox to review. 🔗 Link: The Sandbox Email.

Note that due to factors such as timezones, prior correspondences to review and workloads, the response time to your email can vary between three to five business days.