Changing a connected wallet

Can you do this?

How can I change the wallet that is connected to my Sandbox account?

It is not possible to change the wallet that is connected to your account on The Sandbox. This is mainly due to technical reasons within the Ethereum blockchain that are beyond our control.
You can however, register a new account and connect the wallet that you wish to use to the new account.
Change your username and email address on your existing account to something else. This will allow you to re-use them on the new account.
You can transfer $SAND tokens to your preferred wallet. There should be an option to "Send" currency within the wallet itself.
You can transfer NFTs, such as LAND and ASSETs to another of your wallets using the "Gifting" features on NFT exchanges like OpenSea and Rarible.
Triple check that any wallet addresses you are sending your $SAND and NFTs to is correct before initiating the transfer. There is no way to recover currency or NFTs that were sent to an incorrect address.