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Changing or disconnecting a connected wallet

Learn how to disconnect a wallet from your account at The Sandbox so you can connect a new one.

How can I change the wallet that is connected to my Sandbox account?

WALLET SECURITY ISSUE? Along with disconnecting the wallet from your account, we recommend reviewing the My wallet was compromised page for helpful information.
This page will guide you to disconnect a wallet from your account at The Sandbox so you can connect a different one. This is useful when your wallet has been compromised or when you are ready to change to a different wallet type since they have various strengths and benefits.
You may have connected a simpler wallet for beginners when you started your journey at The Sandbox and are now ready to use a more advanced wallet suitable for staking SAND, for example.

Can I connect a wallet I used on a different account?

No. You will not be able to connect a wallet that has been used on another account at The Sandbox
ONE ACCOUNT CONNECTION PER WALLET For security reasons, a wallet may only be connected to ONE account at The Sandbox ever. You can NOT connect a wallet you have used on a different account at The Sandbox, but you can reconnect a wallet to the same account again if needed.

Does disconnecting a wallet delete anything?

Disconnecting a wallet only removes ACCESS to a wallet's data via The Sandbox website and software.
  • It does NOT delete your account at The Sandbox.
  • It does NOT delete your connected Wallet. - You can still access the wallet through the wallet provider's website, browser extension, or app if these options are available.
  • It does NOT delete any digital assets you own. - You can still find your tokens in the wallet and view them on an external marketplace like OpenSea.
  • It does NOT have any affect on your KYC status if you completed this process on your account at The Sandbox. - Note that KYC can only be completed on ONE account per person at The Sandbox.

Blockchain smart contracts may affect what is visible after disconnecting a wallet

Some other information you may expect to be connected to your account are actually connected to the timing of your activities in The Sandbox and the wallet connected at the time. This is due to nature of the blockchain technology that drives the ecosystem so you can Play, Create, and Earn in The Sandbox.
Smart contracts created by your activities are NOT modified when you change your connected wallet, so some information you expect to see may not appear on your account if you disconnect a wallet and connect a different one.
Depending on the nature of smart contracts that are created from your activity in The Sandbox, it may be possible to see information related to your previous wallet by connecting it to your account again. It depends on details within the contracts such as the time period to redeem rewards.

Pending rewards and claims

If you have pending claims and rewards due to participation in Seasons, Events, contests, Staking, etc, you may not see them on a newly connected wallet depending on the timing of claims being created by The Sandbox.
You may find it best to wait to disconnect your wallet until you are able to claim what you have earned from Play & Earn, Staking, etc.
WITHDRAW STAKED FUNDS BEFORE DISCONNECTING A WALLET Your Staked SAND will remain in the pool even if you disconnect your wallet, and it will remain associated with that wallet. You can only claim rewards from it or withdraw the funds if the wallet is connected to your Sandbox account. Once you have withdrawn staked funds on your current wallet, you can transfer them to the other wallet you wish to use, connect the wallet, and stake the funds again with the new wallet associated to the staking action.

Pending sales on the Marketplace

If you have created assets, minted them as NFTs, and put them for sale on the Marketplace, earnings will go to the wallet that was connected to the account when items were put up for sale, not the wallet that is connected when your items sell. Check the formerly connected wallet to see if expected earnings have been sent there.

Wallet disconnection process

Sign In & Begin
Review Changes
Connect a Wallet
  1. 1.
    In the top right of The Sandbox website, select Sign In to access your account. Follow the usual prompts to log in to your account through your social account or wallet.
  1. 2.
    Click on your Username to open the dropdown menu and select Settings. Then use the menu on the left and then click on the Wallet settings sub-page.
  2. 3.
    On this page you will see the address for the wallet that is currently connected to your account and details of any wallets that were previously connected to the account. Click on the link to Disconnect Wallet beneath the wallet address to open a popup and begin the disconnect process.
  1. 4.
    Review the popup window explaining what will change about your Sandbox Account due to disconnecting access to the connected wallet. Any tokens contained in the wallet that is currently connected will no longer be visible on your Sandbox account, including SAND, LAND, Avatars, NFTs, Claims, and Rewards. As noted above, none of this content is deleted, you are merely removing access to see it and use it on your Sandbox account. If you are missing claims, rewards, or proceeds from selling your content on the Sandbox Marketplace, review the section above about blockchain related information that may not be visible on your account after disconnecting a wallet.
  2. 5.
    Click the checkbox in the window to acknowledge that you are aware disconnecting your wallet will remove access to content in the wallet via your Sandbox account and software. Then click the "Disconnect wallet" button.
  1. 6.
    You will be sent a confirmation link from The Sandbox via the email address saved in your profile on your Sandbox account. There is an option to resend the link if needed. Click the button in the email to confirm you want to unlink your wallet from your Sandbox account or use the link included in the email to confirm your decision.
  1. 7.
    Your request is complete! The Wallet Settings page now shows an option to "Connect my Wallet" to either connect a different wallet or connect the same one again. When you're ready, follow the prompts to connect a wallet.

Transferring what you own to a newly connected wallet

You can transfer $SAND tokens to your preferred wallet. There should be an option to "Send" currency within the wallet itself.
You can transfer NFTs, such as LAND and ASSETs to another of your wallets using the "Gifting" features on NFT exchanges like OpenSea and Rarible.
Triple check that any wallet addresses you are sending your $SAND and NFTs to is correct before initiating the transfer. There is no way to recover currency or NFTs that were sent to an incorrect address.
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