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Public LAND Sale Troubleshooting

Let's work through some common issues together.
General Warning!
Remember that The Sandbox will never, ever send you LAND sale information, airdrops, or minting links in any direct messages (DMs) on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc). Anybody sending you LAND Sale links in direct messages are scammers. Do not click or download anything - report and block them.
Here are some common LAND sale troubleshooting steps.

LAND Sale Raffle Troubleshooting

I am being asked to buy SAND when I try to enter the raffle.
I have enough SAND in my wallet to purchase a LAND, but I am asked to acquire SAND before I can enter the raffle.

Purchasing Troubleshooting

The "Sign" button is greyed out or not clickable in my MetaMask wallet's transaction confirmation window.
My wallet does not pop open to ask me to confirm my transaction.
The SAND balance on The Sandbox website's user interface says zero, but I definitely have SAND in my wallet.
My transaction was successful. However, I do not see my LAND in my inventory.
I purchased Premium LAND, but I do not have the ASSETs that come with it yet.

Common Error Messages

"Wallet Locked"
"Insufficient Funds"
"Transaction Failed"

Other Troubleshooting

The webpage loads very slowly for me.
I am getting a "1020" error when trying to access the website.
I am having difficulty accessing my account or have forgotten my account credentials.
I have passed KYC, however The Sandbox is still showing me as pending on my profile.