Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this cool pirate adventure experience that is exclusive to The Sandbox.
Pirate Adventure is a pirate-themed adventure game that is being developed by William Santacruz.

About the game

Captain Drake the Strong is seeking skilled and hardened sailors to join the crew aboard his ship, the Cronos. This crew will join him on a voyage to Tukkan's Island, which is located somewhere in the Caribbean.
The game is an open world experience where the player takes the role of a rookie pirate who must follow Captain Drake's orders to earn a great reputation and big rewards.

Game objectives

The crew of the Cronos have been tasked with locating sacred relics and treasures, which legends say are hidden Tukkan's Island, a mysterious and unexplored island.
It is not only treasures you seek, but you have also been tasked with finding food to support the crew of the ship.
The island is teeming with predators and natives, which will make your exploration difficult. And if that wasn't enough - legends foretell that the greatest treasures on the island are guarded by undead skeleton warriors.


Take a look at some images from the game's development.
Skeleton Warrior
And check out some of the cool ASSETs in the game.
Lizard Totem
Monkey Totem

About the creator

Pirate Adventure is developed by an awesome voxel artist from Columbia who goes by the name of William Santacruz.
Here's what he had to say:
Hi, I'm William Santacruz, a voxel artist from Colombia, I'm passionate about 3D art and video games. Since I was a child I grew up with the adventures of Zelda or Mario 64 and some open world style games, then I got excited with the pirates of the caribbean movies. And well after a few years I came up with the idea of creating something that was cool and that would allow me to translate my ideas into something more interactive, and in this way “Pirate Adventure” was born, a video game where you can spend some time and have fun as a pirate.
The Game Maker is a great game editor, since it allows me to use voxels previously created with Voxedit and integrate them into my game. I can make video games without having programming knowledge and that is something wonderful for people who are just artists.
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