Community chat & support

Find out where you can meet and chat with fellow Sandboxers. Find out where you can get in touch for support too.
We have a handful of communities where you can meet and chat with fellow SandFam members. There are also several methods of reaching out to The Sandbox for support. You can find these below.

Live Chat & Instant Messaging

If you need support, live chat may be the quickest method. Email-based support options may take several working days to process.


We have an official Discord server where you can chat with community members, artists, game designers, crypto experts and The Sandbox staff. You can also get some live support here. We also have several channels for non-English speakers to find support in their own language.
Join the The Sandbox Discord Server!
Click here to go to our official Discord community


We also have several Telegram communities in different languages, where you can chat with other community members and seek advice. The official links are below.
English Channel
Chinese Channel
French Channel
Indonesian Channel
Italian Channel
Indian Channel
Korean Channel
Persian Channel
Philippines Channel
Russian Channel
Spanish Channel
Turkish Channel
Vietmanese Channel
Price & Trade Discussion

WeChat / 微信

We also have a WeChat (微信) for Chinese community members. Please join either our Discord or Chinese Telegram (linked above) and ask for an invitation to join the WeChat group.

Important Information

If a channel, group or email is not listed on this page, it is likely not an official Sandbox community.
The Sandbox team will never, ever, under any circumstances what-so-ever request your passwords, security keys, security questions or security passphrases. The Sandbox Team will also never send community members a DM first.
In some support cases, we may ask for your wallet address. This is safe to give to us, though you may prefer to do so privately, as it is public record and does not allow anyone to access your wallet.

Email Contact

There are some email contact options available. We recommend using the live chat options listed above (unless you were referred here by staff), however, we understand those are not always ideal for some individuals.
Email responses may take slightly longer than live chat, typically between 3 and 7 business days. Do note that weekends and public holidays are not counted as business days.
Make sure that you select the correct or most relevant contact address below, in order to avoid delays. And refrain from sending queries multiple times or to multiple addresses, otherwise our system may flag you as a spammer, causing even further delays.

Help & Support Queries

Use this contact address for general support and questions: [email protected].

Privacy Queries

For queries relating to your privacy, including GDPR queries, data removal requests, account deletion requests, or similar, use this contact address: [email protected].
For privacy reasons, most privacy-related queries cannot be handled in live chats.

Compromised Wallets

If your wallet was compromised, see this page: My Wallet Was Compromised. You should follow the information in that page immediately as a priority, without delay.

Reporting Other Players

In-game: If you believe another player has acted in a way that is a violation of our rules or terms of use, you can let us know about it by sending a report to [email protected].
In the community: If you believe another community member has acted in a way that is in violation of the rules or terms of use, you can let us know by reaching out to a moderator within the respective community, or using the dedicated reporting channel if one exists.
Note that the email reporting address cannot deal with reports about users in the community. And the community report system cannot deal with reports about users in-game. Please choose the correct reporting method.

Partnerships & Mutual Collaborations

Please refer to this page for the details on how to reach out to The Sandbox's partnerships team to propose a partnership or other mutually beneficial collaboration, including to discuss an existing one: Partner With The Sandbox.


To learn more about careers and opportunities within The Sandbox, see this page: Work With The Sandbox. To make a query about a career position, use the general contact address below.

General Contact

Use this contact address to reach out to us about matters that do not fall into any of the above categories: [email protected].