Public LAND Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked LAND Sale questions - answered.
General Warning!
Remember that The Sandbox will never, ever send you LAND sale information, airdrops, or minting links in any direct messages (DMs) on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc). Anybody sending you LAND Sale links in direct messages are scammers. Do not click or download anything - report and block them.


What utilities does LAND offer?
See this related page: What Can I Do With A LAND?
What are the differences between regular LAND and Premium LAND, and why are Premium LANDs more expensive?
See this related page: What Are Premium LANDs?
How large is a LAND?
A 1x1 LAND is:
  • Length: 96 metres.
  • Width: 96 metres.
  • Height: 128 metres.
In the Sandbox metaverse, 1 metre is the equivalent of 32x32x32 voxels.

General LAND Sale FAQ

What network / blockchain will the LAND Sale take place on?
From November 2022, official LAND Sales will take place on Polygon.
Previously, they were on Ethereum.
How does the LAND supply work in official LAND sales?
LANDs are minted up-front before the sale. This means that LAND can quickly be randomly assigned to raffle winners to purchase when the raffle ends.
The raffle winner will have 24 hours to purchase the LAND.
Any LANDs that were not purchased after this 24-hour window by raffle winners will be put on auction on OpenSea, where those who did not win the raffle can have an opportunity to purchase LAND.
How do I bridge SAND from Ethereum to Polygon?
The need to bridge may be avoided by purchasing SAND from a Polygon network exchange instead of an Ethereum network exchange. Make sure you bridge your SAND in advance, as the time it takes the bridging process to complete varies depending on blockchain congestion (though it usually may take around an hour, but this is not a guarantee).
When was the first official LAND sale on Polygon?
The Sandbox's first official LAND sale on the Polygon network took place in November 2022. For the exact dates of official sales, see the Public LAND Sale Dates page.

Raffle FAQ

How can I enter the LAND Sale Raffle?
Provided that you meet the eligibility conditions in the question below this one, you can enter the raffle on the LAND Sale page here:
Who is eligible to enter the LAND Sale Raffle?
  • You must have registered an account at The Sandbox and connected a cryptocurrency wallet to it.
  • The account must have passed KYC verification.
  • There must be a minimum of 1,011 SAND in the wallet connected to the account, bridged to Polygon (4,683 SAND to enter premium raffles).
  • The account must not banned or soft-banned (ie, for ToU violations or attempted fraud in events).
How much does it cost to enter the raffle?
It costs nothing to enter the raffle.
However, the conditions in the question above this one need to be met.
Can I enter both the premium LAND raffle and the regular LAND raffle?
Yes, you can enter both raffles, provided you have enough SAND (4,683 to enter the premium).
Can I win both the premium LAND raffle and the regular LAND raffle?
No, you can only win one of the two raffles per sale.
If you win the premium LAND raffle, for example, then you cannot win the regular LAND raffle in that same sale.
If I win a raffle in one LAND sale, can I enter the raffle for future LAND sales?
Yes. Winning a raffle does not mean you're excluded from entering future raffles in future LAND sales.
How can I enter the LAND Sale raffle without passing KYC?
You can't.
We require you to have passed KYC for security and anti-fraud reasons. There are no exceptions to this.
The vast majority of The Sandbox's community members wanted KYC implemented on our platform - we listened to them and provided it.
How do you get tickets for the raffle?
Each sale will likely have its own objectives for acquiring raffle tickets. These will be announced before the sale goes live. For example, some sales may offer additional tickets for holding a specific avatar.
In general, the following are likely to grant tickets:
  • Signing up for the LAND Sale Raffle
  • Reach Level 5 in Alpha Seasons
What chance do I have of winning the raffle?
Every 1 raffle ticket you acquire equals one raffle entry.
The more tickets you have, the more raffle entries you have and the greater your chances of winning a raffle.
How do I know if I won the raffle?
You will get a pop-up notification on The Sandbox website to alert you to your raffle win. Note that you will need to be logged in for this. You'll also see the type of raffle you won (regular or premium) if you entered both.
You will also receive an email from The Sandbox. Provided that your email address in your account settings is correct and that you have not unsubscribed to The Sandbox mailings. If you have unsubscribed, you can re-subscribe again on this page:
If I win the raffle, is it possible for LANDs to sell out before I buy one?
No. Raffle winners are guaranteed a LAND, provided that they purchase it within 24 hours of winning the raffle.
If you do not purchase it within 24 hours, then it will be placed in an auction on OpenSea for the public to bid on.
I won the raffle but did not buy my LAND within 24 hours, what now?
Oops! Sorry, but you have 24 hours to purchase the LAND after winning the raffle.
If a raffle winner does not purchase their randomly selected LAND within 24 hours, that LAND will be placed in a public auction on OpenSea. There will be no exceptions to this and The Sandbox will not be reverting LANDs from OpenSea back to you to purchase.
Am I penalised if I do not purchase my LAND after winning a raffle?
Other than the fact you'll be losing out on acquiring a highly-coveted and valued NFT with multiple utilities and monetisation opportunities, no there are no penalties levied against raffle winners who do not purchase a LAND.
Choosing to not purchase a LAND in one sale will not affect your chances of winning a raffle in a future sale.
What happens if I move the SAND out of my wallet after entering the raffle?
After entering the raffle, if you move some or all of your SAND out of the wallet and therefore do not have enough SAND in the wallet to buy a LAND, then you will be removed from the raffle during the draw. This is to prevent abuse, for example.
What happens if I enter the "Both" raffle but do not have enough SAND in my wallet for a premium LAND?
If you do not have at least 4,683 SAND in your wallet at the time that the raffle draw begins, you will automatically be removed from the premium raffle.
As long as you have at least 1,011 SAND in your wallet, you will remain a participant of the regular raffle, otherwise you will also be removed from that one as well.
Not holding the correct amount of SAND in your wallet at the raffle draw time will always cause your raffle entry to be withdrawn at the moment the raffle begins.
If I want to buy LAND with my staked funds, can I leave my SAND staked, or will I have to unstake it to enter the raffle?
If you intend to buy the LAND with your staked SAND and staking earnings, then at this moment in time the SAND will need to be withdrawn from the staking program to be able to enter the raffle.


How do I purchase a LAND?
Raffle Winners:
If you are a raffle winner, you will see a buy button on the LAND Sale page.
See this page for further help: How to purchase LAND at The Sandbox.
Non-Raffle Winners:
You will have the opportunity to purchase LAND on the secondary market. This can be LAND that raffle winners did not purchase within 24 hours, or LAND that others are deciding to sell.
See this page for further help: How to buy LAND on OpenSea.
What currency do I need to purchase a LAND?
You will need SAND, which is the utility and economic token of The Sandbox.
This SAND needs to be bridged to the Polygon network, if it isn't there already. See the guide on bridging SAND from Ethereum to Polygon.
Can I buy LAND in ETH or MATIC?
In official sales at The Sandbox, LAND is only sold in SAND (bridged to the Polygon chain).
However, some people may later decide to sell their LANDs on the secondary market, such as OpenSea, in other currencies, such as ETH or MATIC. Bear in mind that LANDs will generally be more expensive on the secondary market.
How much is LAND in official sales?
A regular 1x1 LAND is 1,011 SAND on Polygon.
Whereas a premium 1x1 LAND is 4,683 SAND on Polygon.
Any ESTATEs are sold in auction on OpenSea, therefore the price of those depends entirely on the winning auction bid.
Will there be gas fees?
The gas (MATIC) is covered by a gasless service we use called Biconomy (we also use it in our staking programs). As such, there won't be any gas fees.
Each member of The Sandbox has 10 gasless transactions per 28 days. You can see how many gasless transactions you have remaining for this period in your Blockchain Settings menu.
What if I have no gasless transactions left?
If you have used up all of your 10 transactions for the 28-day period, you can go to your Blockchain Settings menu and either:
  • Turn the gasless setting off and pay a small gas fee in MATIC.
  • Turn on the "Forward" option, allowing you to pay the gas fee with SAND instead of MATIC.
What's the gas price today?
Gas fees fluctuate depending on overall blockchain congestion at the time. This is not something The Sandbox has control over, but is a basic blockchain feature. There are third-party services for tracking MATIC gas prices, such as:
Remember that these third-party tools are estimations, they may not be perfectly accurate.

Premium LAND Sale FAQ

If I buy a Premium LAND, when will I get the NFTs that are included with it?
The random NFTs that come with your randomly selected Premium LAND will be airdropped into your wallet shortly after your purchase. This is true whether you purchased the LAND as a raffle winner, or whether you purchased a raffle winner's unclaimed LAND on OpenSea.
Since LAND sales are expected to cause heavy traffic on The Sandbox website and the blockchain, please be patient and allow some time for the NFTs to appear in your wallet.
Note: Purchasing LAND private second-hand sales on secondary markets (LAND being sold by users instead of The Sandbox) will not grant you the NFTs that came with that LAND unless the seller specifically includes them in a bundle.
If I buy a Premium LAND then transfer or sell that LAND before receiving the NFTs that come with it, what happens to the NFTs?
The NFTs will go into the wallet that originally purchased the Premium LAND. This is because only this wallet was whitelisted to receive them. There is no way to change this.
If I win a Premium LAND raffle but did not buy the LAND, will I still get the NFTs?
No. You will only be eligible to receive the NFTs with Premium LAND by purchasing that Premium LAND.
If you choose not to purchase your the Premium LAND you were whitelisted to buy in the raffle (you have 24 hours to do so), then the LAND will be put up for auction on OpenSea, where the winner of this auction will get both the Premium LAND and the NFTs.