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Public LAND Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Your frequently asked LAND Sale questions - answered.
General Warning!
Remember that The Sandbox will never, ever send you LAND sale information, airdrops, or minting links in any direct messages (DMs) on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc). Anybody sending you LAND Sale links in direct messages are scammers. Do not click or download anything - report and block them.


What utilities does LAND offer?
What are the differences between regular LAND and Premium LAND, and why are Premium LANDs more expensive?
How large is a LAND?

General LAND Sale FAQ

What network / blockchain will the LAND Sale take place on?
How does the LAND supply work in official LAND sales?
How do I bridge SAND from Ethereum to Polygon?
When was the first official LAND sale on Polygon?

Raffle FAQ

How can I enter the LAND Sale Raffle?
Who is eligible to enter the LAND Sale Raffle?
How much does it cost to enter the raffle?
Can I enter both the premium LAND raffle and the regular LAND raffle?
Can I win both the premium LAND raffle and the regular LAND raffle?
If I win a raffle in one LAND sale, can I enter the raffle for future LAND sales?
How can I enter the LAND Sale raffle without passing KYC?
How do you get tickets for the raffle?
What chance do I have of winning the raffle?
How do I know if I won the raffle?
If I win the raffle, is it possible for LANDs to sell out before I buy one?
I won the raffle but did not buy my LAND within 24 hours, what now?
Am I penalised if I do not purchase my LAND after winning a raffle?
What happens if I move the SAND out of my wallet after entering the raffle?
If I want to buy LAND with my staked funds, can I leave my SAND staked, or will I have to unstake it to enter the raffle?


How do I purchase a LAND?
What currency do I need to purchase a LAND?
Can I buy LAND in ETH or MATIC?
How much is LAND in official sales?
Will there be gas fees?
What if I have no gasless transactions left?
What's the gas price today?

Premium LAND Sale FAQ

If I buy a Premium LAND, when will I get the NFTs that are included with it?
If I buy a Premium LAND then transfer or sell that LAND before receiving the NFTs that come with it, what happens to the NFTs?
If I win a Premium LAND raffle but did not buy the LAND, will I still get the NFTs?