To encourage the migration to the Polygon network and cover the gas cost we are allocating 1M $SAND as a cashback mechanism.
LAND owners will be able to claim a cashback for migrating their LAND(s) on Polygon.
For every LAND migrated, LAND owners will be able to claim 10 mSAND.
This is a one time occurence however, allowing you to benefit from migrating your LAND to the Polygon network.

To Claim your Cashback

  • Head over to the bridge page: and scroll to the bottom.
  • Click on the “Claim your Cashback” button Sign the transaction on your wallet. You can verify that the transaction is successful by clicking on the “transaction history”
  • Your cashback is successfully sent to your wallet on the Polygon network.
The claimed cashback history can be confirmed at any time by clicking the blue button.