Old West

Old West is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this wild western game that is exclusive to The Sandbox.
Old Town is a Wild West themed game that set within a detailed wild-western era town.

About the game & game objectives

In this western adventure, our adventurer friend Tomas faces a major quest. He needs to uncover some clues to solve a crime that took place in the town.
But nothing is as it seems and no-one seems to know anything about the crime. Embark on this adventure in the middle of the old town and enforce the law.
An unfinished early in-development version of the world


Take a look at this teaser showing an early version of this world in development.
Take a look at some of the characters you may meet in the game.
Take a peek at some of the ASSETs you may find too.

The creator

Old West is being developed by William Santacruz.
Here is what he had to say:
Hello everyone, my name is William Santacruz. I'm a 3D colombian artist who likes to tell stories and make art for video games. Since I was a child I used to watch cowboys and Old West movies. All the amazing stories of brave daredevils who defend justice.
It has been a wonderful experience watching my voxel creations come to life in the Game Maker.
I first designed the NPCs and decorations such as carts and boxes using VoxEdit. I recommend for all the artists to use references to make your creations (create mood boards) so that they can be faithful renditions.
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