Buying and selling ASSETs

Learn more about buying and selling ASSETs on The Sandbox's marketplace.

Buying ASSETs

Can I buy ASSETs from The Sandbox's marketplace?

Yes. ASSETs can be purchased from The Sandbox's marketplace.

Do I need $SAND to purchase ASSETs from the Marketplace?

You will need $SAND to purchase ASSETs from The Sandbox Marketplace. $SAND is the currency of The Sandbox's platform, it will be required for all purchases in The Sandbox metaverse.

Can I buy ASSETs from anywhere else?

Yes, you can also purchase ASSETs from secondary markets and NFT exchanges. Such as OpenSea and Rarible. The ASSETs may also be available in other currencies, such as ETH, on these platforms.

How much are ASSETs to buy?

The price of ASSETs on the marketplace is up to the creator of that ASSET.
They would need to price their ASSET fairly based on quality, uniqueness, GEMs and scarcity, for example.

Selling ASSETs

Can I sell ASSETs that I make in VoxEdit?

Yes, you can sell these ASSETs on The Sandbox's Marketplace if you wish.

Where else can I sell my ASSETs?

You could also sell your ASSETs on the secondary market via NFT exchanges. OpenSea is the most popular choice of secondary market. But others, like Rarible, are also available.

How much can I sell my ASSETs for?

The price of any ASSETs on the marketplace are entirely up to the creator of that ASSET. However, they will need to remain fair and competitive in order to attract buyers. Some things to take into account when pricing ASSETs are the quality of the ASSET's design (including small details), the quality of any animations, the scarcity of the ASSET, its GEMS and CATALYSTs and its uniqueness.


Are there any fees for uploading ASSETs to the marketplace?

A 5% fee will be added on top of listed ASSETs. This means if the seller chooses to price their ASSET at 500 $SAND, it will be listed on the marketplace for 525 $SAND.

Does The Sandbox take any fees or commission from marketplace sales?

There is a small 5% fee that is added on top of all $SAND transactions that occur within The Sandbox Marketplace. This fee goes into the Foundation fund, which is used to fund great projects, artists and game designers in the metaverse.

Do I have to pay taxes on any of my earnings?

The Sandbox cannot offer you any tax advice. Taxation rules differ by nation and even by counties or states. Please seek advice from an official tax representative in your local jurisdiction.