Creators For Hire

Find out where you can hire artists and designers to collaborate on projects with you in The Sandbox.
It will be possible to collaborate with other artists or designers in The Sandbox to help you to build and publish great content for others to enjoy and for you to monetise.
If you are looking for collaborators to hire, you could check out or post some proposals in the "For Hire" section of our official Discord server.
You can also find a list of professional studios and creators for hire listed alphabetically below.
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Alcy is a European studio dedicated to The Sandbox. Used to working in collaboration with The Sandbox on experiences and games realizations, we know the creation process perfectly, the standards, and the workflow of The Sandbox universe projects. Our creativity and our passion allow us to realize different games taken from the real or the imaginary and through our professionalism we develop optimized and bug-free experiences. Our work has been appreciated and rewarded as we are also Game Jam and VoxEdit contest Award winners.

1Alpha Studios

1Alpha Studios is focused on creating games and experiences within the Sandbox metaverse. We specialize in everything from single assets to an adventure filled game. Nothing is too small or big. If you have a story to tell, let us narrate it for you. We will be there for you every step of the way. Our all-star team consists of game designers, story tellers, artists, web3 veterans, nft-gurus, software engineers and more. Originally coming from the NFT space, we have worked with many noteworthy brands and IPs, and have cultivated communities along the way. We are not your average game studio. Let us build you or your brand's next journey into the metaverse!

Aralus Studio

We are a tiny group yet we have decades of combined experience in the workforce. Our areas of competence include a variety of disciplines, such as fine art, three-dimensional sculpture, advertising, environmental graphic design, and landscape architecture. At the beginning of the year 2021, we began the process of creating new games and experiences in the Sandbox. It was because we are certain that the Sandbox will soon develop into a central location for a variety of people’s activities, including those that are educational and professional in nature. As a result, individuals and companies should begin making plans for the future by becoming involved in this metaverse. However, we realize that every client is also special in their own way. Everyone in the metaverse has a unique set of priorities and requirements in order to be there. Because of our extensive knowledge, we will be able to fulfill any of your objectives in an effortless manner. Therefore, if you or your company are interested in establishing a presence in the Metaverse, then we are the perfect partner for you since we can seamlessly help you do just that. So, join us in making the metaverse a better place, and we’ll show you how!


ArkBlock is a team of female led designers & architects who wants to contribute in the development of WEB3. This is through their architectural experience and development of real life projects relating to infrastructures, roads, high-rise buildings, airports, and railways. The vision is to bring state of art architecture into the metaverse. Read through the team's portfolio to find out more.

Arqonix: Metavoxel Studio

At Arqonix: Metavoxel Studio, we offer our discerning clients a better choice. We specialize in Voxedit and The Sandbox Game Maker, with top-tier published artists leading our teams! We are excited for our clients and want to truly share in their vision in order to make their metaverse dreams come true in The Sandbox! We offer superior translations of NFT (and other) intellectual properties into The Sandbox assets. As an organically grown and truly independent studio, without the footprint and bureaucracy of our corporate counterparts, we can offer the availability, flexibility, and personal attention that make the process magical! Avatar collections, non-player characters, buildings and other architectural structures, customized gaming assets, and fully-built exciting and unique land games are among the many products and services we offer at Arqonix. With the most talented artist teams in the world and two of the most passionate founders in The Sandbox, we can go above and beyond our clients' expectations to deliver the highest quality voxel assets.

Aviram Studio

Aviram Studio was founded in early 2022. We are a Pvt limited company incorporated under the Indian companies act. This venture is our foray into Metaverse development leveraging our existing experience in 3D art. Our genesis is Paperfolks Studios which caters to 2D and 3D animation development for TV shows, movies, EdTech, corporate videos, etc. Aviram Studios is also a LAND Owner in The Sandbox. Over the last few months we have build a solid team of voxel artists, game designers, and level designers with experience in the Unity and Unreal game engines. We are excited to be in this space and to be able to provide end-to-end services to any one looking to build games or experiences in The Sandbox.

BEAM Studio

We are committed to exploring brand-new ways digital natives interact with information, space, and each other, as our name suggests, Build Exciting Adventures in Metaverse. Meanwhile, we aim to bring together global creators to create various experiences so as to promote the process of metaverse construction and build virtual worlds beyond imagination. We are trying to fill in the gap between the existing virtual experience and the expectation of future digital natives, who hold higher expectations towards everything in the crypto world. is a multi-service agency, creating architectural, artistic and experiential bridges between brands and the metaverse. We deploy an array of cutting-edge services to help our clients establish a distinctive, relevant and subtle metaverse presence.


We're Biborg, a full-service gaming agency. We offer new and innovative experiences as well as the creation of promotional assets directly from the game engine. We are Tier 1 certified in security and confidentiality at Ubisoft and Disney Marvel (the most difficult certifications to obtain in the industry) which allows us to manage projects at the highest level of confidentiality. Website | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Portfolio

Blaze Games

Blaze Games is a premier Game Development Studio that provides a holistic end-to-end service for studios intending to enter the Sandbox, managing every step of metaverse development. We create high-quality assets that we utilise in our premium experiences and we drive audiences towards them by producing engaging trailers and promotions. We are a multi-Game Jam winning studio with well-known NFT community partners such as Gutter Cat Gang, and Bunker 2171, producing content such as community builds and avatar VXs. When quality is the product we are the only studio for the job.


CanvasLand Metaverse Production will Re-engineer your existing ideas and springboard your business into the emerging Web3 industry. We are your Ideal Metaverse Advisory & Production Studio as we provide services that are "On Scope - On Time - On Budget". Our team consists of Passionate Web3 Pioneers, devoted Metaverse Architects, and Game Developers. Let CanvasLand help you design Innovative Metaverse Business Models and become the first mover in the budding Avatar Economy. CanvasLand's client list includes Tertiary Education Providers, Real Estate Agencies, Financial Institutions, F&B Companies, Fashion Brands, NFT Projects, and more. If you're interested, take a look at our portfolio and book an appointment. Website & Portfolio | Twitter | LinkedIn | Contact

Clever Whatever

Clever Whatever are a creative duo known in the Sandbox community as PhilFTW and Wayward Escapades. With a focus on offbeat humour, the strange, and the surreal, this team brings their experience in comics, TV, advertising, PC/Switch publishing, and writing to every project they work on. They believe great stories are what separates good The Sandbox games from great ones. Their smaller size makes developing 1x1s and 2x2s their speciality, especially with artists on the fringe, but their 20 years of experience working in advertising means they can be a powerful consultant partner for big brands looking to tackle the metaverse. They also offer hourly services for creating supplemental assets for those studios or creators who need help with a deadline.

Crevasse Studios

Crevasse is focused on crafting meaningful, inspiring experiences with a vibrant, artistic touch. Through our work, we're always aiming to push the boundaries and to prove, once again, that games are art. Website | Twitter | Email | Discord: theCrevasse#4666 is an indie game studio based in Lithuania. We're sweating hard to deliver the best possible animations, stories and level designs for the Sandbox game. The work we do is mainly focused on the metaverse projects and virtual reality (VoxEdit, Game Maker, Unity, Full adobe package). Our design philosophy is simple, we want our games to be fun and immersive. we want every experience to have a deeply interactive environment with lots of moving parts.

ERA Gala

ERA Gala is a one-stop event planning and design agency in the Sandbox Game. We specialize in curating visual experiences as well as designing digital assets and architecture. From private parties to social events and brand experience — no matter the type or scale of your events, ERA is here to bring your ideas to life and help you share the most uncanny and unforgettable experience with your crowd. We are dedicated to nurturing genuine human interactions and fostering a sense of belonging in the Metaverse.


FacBros is a Korea-based metaverse building studio on The Sandbox platform, and are responsible for developing a FacBros title game, called "After Ocean", and are also working on IP collaboration projects. Our aim is to provide a metaverse community where everyone (players & creators) can experience and enjoy the marvellous metaverse on The Sandbox platform. We will build a brand new metaverse world on the land with everyone. We do not simply build a metaverse, but we do build all of our dreams on the metaverse. Let's make our dreams come true together.

Index Game

Index Game is a game studio based in Hong Kong, and was a sub-division of Index Design. We have the strong vision that online gaming is one of the popular channels for promotion that can bring synergy effects and value to our existing clients. Also, we see the new technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency going to be the game changing engine in the industry. As a pioneer in the new industry, we have recently dedicated a team and formed an independent game studio with an aim of providing our one-stop service to the local brands and IPs to get into this market of unlimited potential. Our game studio team will plan to do more culture-specific research and offer experimental, unique experiences to the audience from Hong Kong who enjoy exploring the metaverse, the increasingly attention-gaining virtual space.

LandVault, Inc.

LandVault is a blockchain development studio and the largest metaverse builder in The Sandbox, with a team of over 100 developers (builders, asset artists, and avatar designers). Co-founded by Boomer and Dr. Satsuma, both seasoned entrepreneurs, LandVault is the premier metaverse builder in the NFT space, creating a metaverse presence for popular brands, communities, and artists in Web3. LandVault is a reputable and professional firm that prioritizes its client's needs. Connect with the team in their Discord.


Jump is present in the new territories of the Metaverse, creating personalized, immersive and Web3-ready environments. Our team of artists and strategists is ready to bring your idea into the future. We are a creative studio based in Brazil, with experts in disruptive projects from all corners of the world, sharing the goal of making your brand explore its full potential. Message us to talk about your ideas and its possibilities. We can help you create amazing LAND experiences, with voxel art design, game design, game mechanics and much more.

Meta Futura

Meta Futura is a development team specialized in experiences in The Sandbox metaverse. We are Italian and equipped with excellent imagination, communicative character and a perfectionist style, we are able to develop virtual worlds and experiences on commission. Imagination and creativity are the means with which we carry out our work and also our business card. Website | Twitter | Contact


We are the MGH Metaverse Development Group, consisting of experienced game designers, artists, 3D modellers and UX designers. As a part of the MetaGameHub DAO, we are very well connected to a network of additional experts in all relevant Web3 technologies that can further add to a truly meaningful experience within the upcoming Metaverses. We are eager to prove to everyone that when done right, the current technology shift towards blockchain, the usage of NFTs and a decentralized approach towards a new economy is a step forward in every aspect. There doesn't have to be a trade-off. The advancements in technology just offer more possibilities, and it's a matter of getting it right. Our team is constantly observing and testing how current Metaverses evolve and how traditional and well-proven game principles fit into the picture without losing any of their original appeal. We can help you identify the very opportunities this new technology offers for your company and not only bring your vision to life, but also help you avoid common mistakes that are being made over and over again in an attempt to exploit it for short-term benefits at the cost of an actual purpose. True value lies in the places that people are talking about, where people feel connected and where an intrinsic desire to come back arises.


Passion forward & quality oriented, we set the standard for excellence in the metaverse. Home to the best talent in the industry, we bring brands into the metaverse the right way. Based in the United States, we make the transition into web3 seamless providing an array of services such as metaverse development, consultations, marketing content, and more. If your brand matters to you, the studio you work with should too. Book a call with us and experience MetaLabs excellence today.


Build your future in the Metaverse. MetaLand is an architecture studio that designs, builds and develops your land company on the Metaverse. Why wait any longer to make your Web 3.0 transition?


We put your brand in the spotlight! MetaMaker stands for unique and outstanding experiences in the Metaverse. Our team of crypto enthusiasts and passionate CG artists turn your ideas and visions into unique virtual worlds. We offer the complete package of services, comprising everything from concept phase to final implementation. Considering a project? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s shape the Metaverse together.

MetaMundo BR

MetaMundo Art Studio is a studio led by women specialists and pioneers in the production of content about The Sandbox in Brazil. We insert people and companies in the metaverse through unique and gamified experiences tailored to your brand. As a differential, we are specialists in large constructions and we offer high style design and exclusive concepts. Some of our works was in season Alpha 3. Artists from our community of different styles build lowpolly assets, NFTs, social lands, hubs, galleries, shows and events focusing on game design and storytelling, for a better user experience. In addition, we are a community on Discord and offer training to potential artists from the metaverse.

Metace Lab

Metace Lab is a Hong Kong-based studio that specializes in NFTs and the metaverse. We seek to bridge the gap between reality and the metaverse by creating, developing, promoting, and sharing. We have a strong belief that the metaverse, like the early stages of the internet, will serve as a bridge that extends beyond the virtual. Our team consists of dedicated experts with global reach from Europe and Asia who come from a variety of professions, including artists, creators, programmers, architects, and game players, to name a few. We believe we are unique because we aim to do more than just develop the metaverse; our specialized knowledge allows us to bring real-world experiences into the metaverse and strengthen relationships for everyone. We believe in the metaverse and disruptions, and we are certain that our diversified background will make us the perfect studio for you.


Metaguild Studio is a team of skilled and professional artists who will transform your creative ideas into reality. Whether you want a virtual office for your company, a castle for your guild, a museum for your NFT collection, branded merchandise for DAOs, and so on – we can make all of this become part of The Sandbox metaverse for you.


Metaprints is a full-service gateway that helps Sandbox creators, agencies and brands scale their Sandbox development and experiences. We have worked with major cryptocurrency companies like Polygon, CoinGecko, Kucoin, and others, helping them structure plans, locate the best creative studios, acquire real estate, build creative assets (characters, fashion, buildings, vehicles, etc.), sell those assets and more. Backed by Animoca Brands, Metaprints has a notable network of the biggest metaverse projects and studios in the space and a dedicated team, giving them a unique and strategic ability to assist brands from the start of their project to finish.

Metaverse Architects

"If you can think it, we can build it." That is, without a doubt, the most common phrase used here at Metaverse Architects, and in truth, it aptly sums up what we’re all about. We’ve moved a long way from our humble beginnings back in March 2021, and now, together with our dream-team of full-time architects, full-stack developers, marketers and designers, we’ve made pioneering use-cases for the Metaverse a daily routine. If you have a trailblazing idea that you feel can take the world by storm, our significant expertise in complex programming, game development and mass-architecture will offer you the tools (and partners!) you need to nurture that idea into a pioneered reality. Because after all, if you can think it, we can built it.

Metaverse Builder

Pioneering the building of new virtual spaces so you can bring new experiences to your audience. We Imagine, design and develop stunning metaverse environments that contains a huge artistic value. A project with the mission of potentiate and accelerate the Metaverse development. We aim to grow the ecosystem behind various platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox and VRChat, among others, by developing buildings and tools useful for their communities.

Metaverse Lab by SCB 10X

Metaverse Lab by SCB 10X is an experimental unit under the Venture Builder team of SCB 10X, a CVC arm of Siam Commercial Bank. With a team of architects, marketing executives, blockchain experts and engineers; we explore new design and business solutions that bring our business partners from the physical world to the Metaverse.

Metaverse Studio

Metaverse Studio aims to be a popularization blog for technologies surrounding the concepts of Metaverse and NFTs published by the immersive agency INTERACTIVE STUDIO created in 2005. Our expertise in holography, augmented reality, 3D design and social media naturally allow us this evolution towards WEB3. The services we offer with Metaverse Studio include advice and purchases of virtual lands, promoting your acquisition, designing your metaverse experience on The Sandbox, social bubs, modelling of voxel assets and NFs, and events & training.


Metaworlds is a remote team of creative technologists that explore the new medium of on-chain worlds, and define new creative approaches for building experiences in the Sandbox Metaverse. We research and apply workflows, methods and creative concepts, and work with land owners to improve the context and quality of their land experiences. Website | Twitter | Discord | Contact

Motivo Media

With over 10 years of experience in marketing and creating stories through digital content, Motivo Media is now focusing on brand development in The Sandbox. Our first game, Find Amelia was a Game Jam winner and resulted in real world sales after being featured on Alpha 2. Our plan is to help other brands develop experiences and Sandbox NFTs that complement real world e-commerce strategies.


MyReality is a professional team of passionate artists and creators who will develop your ideas and make them become a reality. We are highly advanced when it comes to the development of 3D models, voxel art, and game design in The Sandbox Metaverse. MyReality - Where your dreams become reality.


Nabiya studio offers an uncompromising artistic approach. We provide high-end art direction, interpreting your vision with creative state-of-the-art NFTs. Passionate about The Sandbox metaverse leveraged by the blockchain, our experienced game developers and voxel artists will build your project that has a flair and creativity. The team of six is led by a creative director with a proven track record in the Haute-couture and luxury industry with a passion for architecture. This background has influenced the workflow, making our artistic take unique and uncompromising.


Nimit is a limitless digital nation within the Metaverse centered on the power of community to drive innovation, foster inclusivity, and establish a myriad of partnerships with leading brands and NFT communities worldwide. Visionaries at heart, we go beyond the perceived limitations of the physical world, bridging the gaps between social barriers and cultural divides while delivering immersive communal experiences that celebrate togetherness. Over 10+ years experience, our team has a strong background curating projects with clients across the world including Google, Facebook, Apple, Monocle, adidas and more.


PANGU is empowering brands with authentic, legendary, immersive assets and experiences in the metaverse. Are you fascinated by the worlds of FinTech and cryptocurrency? Do you want to join the Metaverse? PANGU may provide an engaging and energetic working environment for you to show off your ambition! We are an early-stage blockchain game start-up company that is focused on crafting and creating the best play-to-earn digital assets in thee metaverse. Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Pardaz Office

Pardaz Office is a team of skilled architects, metaverse architects, and voxel artists who can build what you have in your mind into the metaverse in a detailed way. Our goal is to bring our architectural knowledge and skills into the metaverse. Just spend a few seconds watching our detailed and colourful worlds of voxels and our last commissions of popular teams on the sandbox. After that, you will realise how the details and ideas can make your LAND more attractive and different from other LAND owners.

Planet Rift

Creating the BIGGEST MMORPG in The Sandbox, we live and breathe voxels. Our team curates the highest quality experiences and assets in The Sandbox.
Don't believe us? Check out what we've done and find your way to us.

Polygonal Mind

Polygonal Mind is a creative game development studio currently based in Zaragoza, Spain. Founded in London in 2016 by two friends who wanted to make cool videogames together. Re-founded in Zaragoza in 2017, today we are a more experienced studio with various finished projects. We are no longer two guys in our rooms but a team of artists, designers and developers working together in a studio, bringing ideas into high quality experiences.


Reality+ Studios is a blockchain centric technology developer, building a wide portfolio of games, applications, web3.0 services and metaverse experiences. The development teams are composed of proven and experienced discipline leaders from relevant industry sectors, they ensure all our products stand out in the marketplace and adhere to a very high standard of quality. Reality+ are creating new internal IPs with broad audience appeal, as well as partnering with some of the world’s largest brands to deliver and live service manage engaging and rewarding Web3.0/Metaverse brand extensions. Development is agile, with regular stakeholder reviews managed by a highly experienced production team and external account managers. We have various subject matter experts within the teams, covering a wide plethora of areas such as game and application economies, free to play, live service design, data analysis, monetisation, brand guardianship, NFT trends and gamification, blockchain and smart contract design. Reality + are bringing some powerhouse brands into the Sandbox, including partners such as ITV, BBC and Aardman.

Rubik’s Architects

Rubik’s Architects is a metaverse focused studio founded by a team of international award-winning architects, industrial designers, new media artists, producers and computer software engineers. In the real-world, our leadership team has worked with many of the largest global brands and developers on projects worth over $100 billion. We’ve led the design of bridges, skyscrapers, convention centers, casinos, and even entire cities. We’ve produced over 100 theater productions and multiple award-winning independent films. Our team’s accolades include a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award (the top U.S. design prize), ranking as a top 10 female Chinese architect by Thames and Hudson and appointments to distinguished positions at the world’s top art universities. Website | Twitter | YouTube | Contact


Sandac? Yes Sandac, two brothers creating and building in the blockchain. With two years of experience in 3D art, fashion design, voxel art, and more. We mix your idea with all our knowledge, creating a nice experience in the blockchain. We have a high attention to detail in our work! The developing of 1x1 and 2x2 lands are our speciality. Also we can develop lands of 3x3 and 4x4. Feel free to get in touch, and be ready to launch.


SAND RUSH is now building exciting experiences in the Metaverse! At SAND RUSH Ltd some of the most talented artists, creative minds, and developers in the space work in collaboration without geographical borders. We design and build truly unique, immersive, and engaging games, social hubs, or event spaces for your community! SAND RUSH also develops custom tools in The Sandbox ecosystem for clients and builders to accelerate and enhance multiple design processes. Our team has been exploring the limits of The Sandbox platform since its very early days. We will work with you as a knowledgeable team member during every step of the design process. The result is a high-quality, highly customized user experience tailored to your ideas and visions. Visit our webpage to see what SAND RUSH can build for you: Adventure awaits!


We connect brands with the best metaverse builders. Backed by The Sandbox our platform of over 1,000 verified metaverse individual builders and studios enables brands to submit a proposal and hire the best of the best to create for their experiences. Our team helps brands from start to finish with hiring the builders for their project to purchasing the assets on-chain as NFTs, to long-term promotion. We reach over 10,000,000 people every month across all our social channels which helps us promote brand experiences long-term after the build itself. Check out our platform to learn more.


Sandvault is an Indie Game development studio specializing in Blockchain games and experiences. We also deal with creating 2D and 3D artworks for your next NFT project. Our team has over 15 years of experience in the field of Game Development, Art and Animation. We have already worked with popular titles like BAYC, Uniqly, Chimpius Monkeys, Monstrocities, Rebel Seals, Solana cars to name a few and are already well established in the Meta-space. Whatever you need help building in the metaverse, we can make it happen. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or discussion.

Smobler Studios

Smobler Studios is a metaverse architecture and Web3 design agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Canada, the USA and Bhutan. We specialize in multimedia creative ideation, design thinking, storyboarding, 3D, graphic & technical design, animation, video production and metaverse development.


Spaces is a collective of creators designing the future in the metaverse. At the core of our design philosophy, we imagine and build the unbuildable, defying real life limitations, yet grounded with a seamless combination of organic and futuristic experiences. We provide a range of services from consulting on virtual real estate, designing, and deploying projects on the metaverse platforms. We want to shape the future of the metaverse with you!

Swipe Back

Swipe Back is a Parisian Metaverse creative agency that supports global brands from their transition from Web 2.0 to web3. From strategy and concept to production and amplification, we use the latest technologies to help you tell your story the right way. In The Sandbox we use our decade long industry experience to turn your brand story into an immersive and interactive experience. We take care of everything from planning, designing, building on the visual part while writing and developing challenging quests and storylines to keep your audience excited. We made the Ledger experience in The Sandbox for Alpha Season 3.


TEMPEST STUDIOS is a multi-award-winning, full-service, creative production studio that specializes in web3 Sandbox game development, asset production, and marketing for creatives, brands, and communities across the globe. Collectively, TEMPEST STUDIOS has 10+ game jam entries that placed in top-10 ranking, multiple asset awards, and over 35 accolades for art direction, storytelling, and production. Tempest founders, Kodi Zene & Lozen Fükem, also own and operate METAVERSE MASTERCLASS, which is the first, comprehensive, go-at-your-own-pace, video tutorial series for deep-narrative game development, specialized for The Sandbox metaverse.


We believe young people who grow up with creativity see the world with limitless possibilities. We believe they will become the great engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs that make the world a remarkable place. We show them ways to increase their capacity for creativity. We create engaging content that inspires them to build even greater things. Website, Portfolio & Contact | Twitter | YouTube

The Devoted Studios

Devoted Studios (Los Angeles HQ, 2018) is a production management company that converts external game development into a pain-free process. The team consists of savvy overseas and local talent with a wide range of skillsets ready to support great teams. Founded by Ninel Anderson, a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years in the gaming industry, Devoted Studios was born of an idea to create an equal opportunity for every talent in the world to work on projects of their dreams. Together, the team at Devoted Studios creates exciting gaming experiences, from pure 2D/3D content creation to art direction, engineering, and full-scale game production.

Tuschay Studios

Established in 2010 and based in Seattle, USA, Tuschay Studios is an experienced, passionate and multi-talented artist and game developer. Their experience includes the development of The Funguys Kingdom, a project supported by the Game Maker Fund.


If you aren’t familiar with what exactly we do at Virstate, here goes! A team of passionate experts who will build your future in the metaverse. We create, customized, diversified high quality assets and map of your dreams into the most popular metaverse. So now, we want to hear more about you and your project. See you on the other side.

Voxel Architects

We are a team of artists passionate about virtual art, virtual reality, and blockchain technology. At base, we are professional designers and architects, mostly operating in the automotive sector. We decided to take a step forward, look up to the future and invest our time and resources in developing a visually pleasing and functional virtual world for everyone to use and enjoy.

Voxel Ocean

Voxel Ocean is a highly exclusive, full-service, Web3 development studio that offers its clients a level of dedication and production value that is second to none. Their team is composed of the world's best & brightest artists, animators, architects, award-winning authors, game designers and elite programmers. They assist brands, businesses, celebrities and individuals in bringing their dreams to the Metaverse by building unforgettable experiences, exclusively in The Sandbox.

Voxel Ventures

Established June 2021, Voxel Ventures is a team of leading community builders and artists, creating builds for The Sandbox. Our goal: Develop the Sandbox Metaverse in a meaningful way, by adding playability to plots, value to your digital land, and experiences that create user retention. By working with the team at VV, you'll secure top-quality, professional creations & themes made specifically to your requests.

Wagmi Estates

Wagmi Estates is a Sandbox development firm founded by 4 friends 2021. The team is comprised of the top architects and developers in the space who have countless years of experience between them. Our goal is to be an early, influential player in spearheading the movement towards the metaverse. We offer work for hire projects where creators can see their visions built at the highest level. All clients receive concept renderings, Game Maker designs, walkthrough progress reports along the way, and a step-by-step guide to uploading the completed project to your LAND. Build with us, and we will realize the potential of your digital dreams.


As pioneer CX practitioners in the Metaverse, Webhelpers design impactful solutions, based on our sector-led approach and understanding of end-to-end journeys. Across the globe, our 110,000+ brand ambassadors deliver amazing experiences, supported by our flexible, scalable ways of working and best-of-breed tech. From day-to-day quick wins, all the way to complete transformation, we differentiate by creating bespoke outsourced solutions for our partners. From sales to service, content moderation to credit management, we provide services for brands across all sectors. For those brands currently developing experiences in the metaverse, such as gaming platforms and early adopters (retail and food), we help them develop their presence and create a safe space for customers and creators. Whether it’s helping platforms and early adopters embed the metaverse (gamer support, trust and safety, and community management) or supporting brands and platforms achieve maturity in the metaverse (asset development and brand development), our services are evolving accordingly to support brands as they continue developing their presence in the metaverse. Looking forward, we will further develop our expertise and skilling capabilities as the metaverse continues to evolve into an established channel.


Yobike is a video game studio which develops mobile, PC and VR headset games. We have been working since 2021 with Sandbox for which we have developed several experiences including the Smurfs (Social hub and solo games).
We develop our own IPs, but we also work for brands that want to show a creative and high quality experience on The Sandbox
We work in partnership with the communication agency Parishanghai which works on the strategy, consulting and media coverage for our project.

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