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Creators For Hire
Find out where you can hire artists and designers to collaborate on projects with you in The Sandbox.
It will be possible to collaborate with other artists or designers in The Sandbox to help you to build and publish great content for others to enjoy and for you to monetise.
If you are looking for collaborators to hire, you could check out or post some proposals in the "For Hire" section of our official Discord server.
You can also find a list of professional studios and creators for hire below.

Studios for hire

Voxel Architects

We are a team of artists passionate about virtual art, virtual reality, and blockchain technology. At base, we are professional designers and architects, mostly operating in the automotive sector. We decided to take a step forward, look up to the future and invest our time and resources in developing a visually pleasing and functional virtual world for everyone to use and enjoy.
Website | Portfolio | Contact

Polygonal Mind

Polygonal Mind is a creative game development studio currently based in Zaragoza, Spain. Founded in London in 2016 by two friends who wanted to make cool videogames together. Re-founded in Zaragoza in 2017, today we are a more experienced studio with various finished projects. We are no longer two guys in our rooms but a team of artists, designers and developers working together in a studio, bringing ideas into high quality experiences.
Website | Portfolio | Contact

Metaverse Builder

Pioneering the building of new virtual spaces so you can bring new experiences to your audience. We Imagine, design and develop stunning metaverse environments that contains a huge artistic value. A project with the mission of potentiate and accelerate the Metaverse development. We aim to grow the ecosystem behind various platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox and VRChat, among others, by developing buildings and tools useful for their communities.
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We believe young people who grow up with creativity see the world with limitless possibilities. We believe they will become the great engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs that make the world a remarkable place. We show them ways to increase their capacity for creativity. We create engaging content that inspires them to build even greater things.


MyReality is a professional team of passionate artists and creators who will develop your ideas and make them become a reality. We are highly advanced when it comes to the development of 3D models, voxel art, and game design in The Sandbox Metaverse.
MyReality - Where your dreams become reality.

Tuschay Studios

Established in 2010 and based in Seattle, USA, Tuschay Studios is an experienced, passionate and multi-talented artist and game developer. Their experience includes the development of The Funguys Kingdom, a project supported by the Game Maker Fund.
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Contact


Metaworlds is a remote team of creative technologists that explore the new medium of on-chain worlds, and define new creative approaches for building experiences in the Sandbox Metaverse. We research and apply workflows, methods and creative concepts, and work with land owners to improve the context and quality of their land experiences.
Website | Twitter | Discord | Contact

Voxel Ventures

Established June 2021, Voxel Ventures is a team of leading community builders and artists, creating builds for The Sandbox. Our goal: Develop the Sandbox Metaverse in a meaningful way, by adding playability to plots, value to your digital land, and experiences that create user retention. By working with the team at VV, you'll secure top-quality, professional creations & themes made specifically to your requests.


We put your brand in the spotlight! MetaMaker stands for unique and outstanding experiences in the Metaverse. Our team of crypto enthusiasts and passionate CG artists turn your ideas and visions into unique virtual worlds. We offer the complete package of services, comprising everything from concept phase to final implementation. Considering a project? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s shape the Metaverse together.
Website | Twitter | Contact is a multi-service agency, creating architectural, artistic and experiential bridges between brands and the metaverse. We deploy an array of cutting-edge services to help our clients establish a distinctive, relevant and subtle metaverse presence.

Index Game

Index Game is a newly established game studio based in Hong Kong, it was a sub-division of Index Design which is a local multi-disciplinary creative agency. The business of Index Design covers branding, online and offline promotion, and even promotional campaigns with games and interactive installations. We have the strong vision that online gaming is one of the popular channels for promotion that can bring synergy effects and value to our existing clients. Also, we see the new technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency going to be the game changing engine in the industry. As a pioneer in the new industry, we have recently dedicated a team and formed an independent game studio with an aim of providing our one-stop service to the local brands and IPs to get into this market of unlimited potential. Our game studio team will plan to do more culture-specific research and offer experimental, unique experiences to the audience from Hong Kong who enjoy exploring the metaverse, the increasingly attention-gaining virtual space.


Nabiya studio offers an uncompromising artistic approach. We provide high-end art direction, interpreting your vision with creative state-of-the-art NFTs. Passionate about The Sandbox metaverse leveraged by the blockchain, our experienced game developers and voxel artists will build your project that has a flair and creativity. The team of six is led by a creative director with a proven track record in the Haute-couture and luxury industry with a passion for architecture. This background has influenced the workflow, making our artistic take unique and uncompromising.
Nabiya: Website & Contact | Twitter
Elements Game: Website | Twitter


Metaguild Studio is a team of skilled and professional artists who will transform your creative ideas into reality. Whether you want a virtual office for your company, a castle for your guild, a museum for your NFT collection, branded merchandise for DAOs, and so on – we can make all of this become part of The Sandbox metaverse for you.
Website | Twitter | Discord | Contact

Crevasse Studios

Crevasse is focused on crafting meaningful, inspiring experiences with a vibrant, artistic touch. Through our work, we're always aiming to push the boundaries and to prove, once again, that games are art.
Website | Twitter | Email | Discord: theCrevasse#4666


FacBros is a Korea-based metaverse building studio on The Sandbox platform, and are responsible for developing a FacBros title game, called "After Ocean", and are also working on IP collaboration projects. Our aim is to provide a metaverse community where everyone (players & creators) can experience and enjoy the marvellous metaverse on The Sandbox platform. We will build a brand new metaverse world on the land with everyone. We do not simply build a metaverse, but we do build all of our dreams on the metaverse. Let's make our dreams come true together.


MetaLabs is a blockchain Gaming Studio based in the United States that specializes in building games, architectural projects, and custom avatars in the decentralized metaverse. Our team of professional and talented artists have over 10 years of experience in game development and 3D animation. We are an integral part of the metaverse by providing services in bringing visions to life as well as assisting in monetization of games and experiences.


Datasylum is an indie game studio based in Lithuania. We're sweating hard to deliver the best possible animations, stories and level designs for the Sandbox game. The work we do is mainly focused on the metaverse projects and virtual reality (VoxEdit, Game Maker, Unity, Full adobe package). Our design philosophy is simple, we want our games to be fun and immersive. we want every experience to have a deeply interactive environment with lots of moving parts.
Website Coming Soon | Twitter | Contact
More coming soon!
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