Creator Hall Of Fame 🏆

Take a look at some of the great creators that can be found in The Sandbox metaverse.
There are many very skilled and highly experienced creators within The Sandbox's metaverse. Such as digital artists, asset designers, animators, diorama designers, independent game designers, game design studios and many more.
The Sandbox is full of wonderfully creative and inspirational individuals.
Let's (alphabetically) meet and learn more about some of them below.

The Hall of Fame

Carina Chen
Carina Chen is a very talented artist and mobile game designer.
Skilled in both isometric and voxel art, she joined the Creator Fund and has since also become a full-time voxel artist at The Sandbox.
Erica Wagner
Erica Wagner is a highly creative science enthusiast and DIY tinkerer.
She is also a game designer who is part of The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund, where she is developing a diverse business management game called 3D Print Your Life.
Hackatao are a team of artists who are bringing their digital art to The Sandbox's metaverse.
Through the The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund, Hackatao are developing an artistic experience for everyone to enjoy in the decentralised metaverse.
Jose Carlos / Entero Positivo
Jose Carlos, who is also known as Entero Positivo in the community, is an experienced game designer.
He entered one of his game designs into The Sandbox's Game Jam and won a top place in the final results.
Peter Cassells / CyberDragon
Peter Cassells, who is also known as CyberDragon in the community, is a highly skilled game designer. Using his skills in game design, he entered The Sandbox's second Game Jam and won first place for what was a ground-breaking game at the time. He is now part of The Sandbox's team.
Polygonal Mind
Polygonal Mind is a diverse game development studio, full of creative professionals with different skills, based in Spain.
This studio, backed by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund, are developing a fantastic gaming experience within the metaverse, titled Dethrone.
Quoc & MyReality
Quoc is a talented creator in The Sandbox and has founded his own gaming studio, called MyReality.
Together, they plan to bring skill-based puzzler games to The Sandbox metaverse, while creating more opportunities for artists. Creator interview Twitter | Instagram | Website | Hire this studio
Sami Ahmed / Sythicentt
Sami Ahmed, otherwise known as Sythicentt, was first an Ambassador in the community.
He is now a member of the Game Maker Fund, where he is developing Planet Rift, a sci-fi game, in The Sandbox's metaverse.
Sand Rush
Sand Rush are a group of artists who formed after first meeting each other in The Sandbox's Discord community. This team of artists are heavily involved within the Creator Fund and the Game Maker Fund to bring fantastic assets and experiences to the metaverse.
Simone / Sandio
Simone, also known as Sandio in The Sandbox community, is an artist who is based in Italy. Now a member of the Creator Fund, she has created many NFTs for The Sandbox. She is also one of the artists who is collaborating with the Hackatao team, which is also in this list.
Urkann / Aurélien
Known as Urkann in The Sandbox community, Aurélien is an entrepreneur and real estate investor.
He has become a LAND mogul within The Sandbox's metaverse after investing in some of The Sandbox's virtual LANDs, which he will rent to other creators. He has since founded NFT Swapper, a service to make swapping NFTs a smoother experience.
Ven Mashu
Ven Mashu joined The Sandbox as a voxel artist and now leads a team of Japanese artists in The Sandbox's Creator Fund. Using their experience as a toy developer, Ven creates fantastic works of voxel art that can be found everywhere within The Sandbox, including the iconic "Samurai Seb". Creator interview Twitter | Instagram | The Sandbox NFT Profile

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