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Alpha Season 1

The Sandbox Alpha S1 is an exciting community event which taking place within The Sandbox's metaverse. Find out more about this event, when it begins, how to participate and what you get in return.
Alpha Season 1 has ended. Any information on this page is not likely to be accurate in future releases of Alpha Seasons! This page remains live as a historical reference to past seasons at The Sandbox.

What is The Sandbox Alpha Season 1?

The Sandbox Alpha event will allow players the opportunity to be the first to experience gameplay, social hubs and play-to-earn in The Sandbox's metaverse.
This is a multi-week event, starting on the 29th November 2021, where players can potentially earn $SAND rewards as well as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) just for playing games. Players will have the opportunity to explore The Sandbox Metaverse for the first time, through 18 experiences.

When does The Sandbox Alpha Season 1 launch?

The Sandbox Alpha is scheduled to release on the 29th November 2021, at 1pm UTC.
One new experience will be released every weekday, until the Alpha Season closes on the 20th December, for a total of 18 experiences.

Who can access The Sandbox Alpha Season 1?

Those without an Alpha Pass will be able to access the Alpha Hub and visit three experiences. The social hub will also allow them to connect with other community members. However, they will not be able to participate in play-to-earn events.
Those who have an Alpha Pass will be able to access all areas of the Alpha, including all 18 experiences, and will also be able to participate in play-to-earn events.
For those who are able to take part in play-to-earn events, there will be no need to spend hours brain-numbingly grinding stuff, nor is there any need to make "pay-to-win" micro transactions in order to gain the upper hand.

What is an Alpha Pass and how do you get one?

An Alpha Pass is an NFT ticket that will grant you full access to The Sandbox Alpha.
The Alpha Pass NFT
There is more than one way to get an Alpha Pass:

1) LAND Owner Alpha Raffle:

If you are a LAND Owner in The Sandbox, we would like to thank you, by offering you a chance to win one of the 1,000 Alpha Passes we reserved just for you to win in a raffle.
First of all, you would need to own LAND to be able to enter the raffle. LAND can be purchased in public sales (click) or on the secondary market (click). These LANDs will need to be in the same wallet that you connected to your account at The Sandbox when you registered.
  • Register for the Alpha Raffle from November 22 at 13:00 UTC to November 28 at 13:00 UTC on The Sandbox website or check the details at the end of this article.
  • Every LAND you own will give you one more chance to win. So if you want a few more chances to win your Alpha Pass, this is the time to keep all your LANDS in the same basket!
  • Once the registration window closes on November 29 at 10:00 UTC, the text below your avatar will change to "Raffle Draw in Progress".
    • After the random raffle draw, the selected winners will be greeted with a pop-up congratulating them on being one of the lucky thousand! On the same pop-up, there will be a button to “Claim the Pass”. Go ahead and click it.
    • Your wallet will pop up asking you to confirm the claim. Note that there will be a gas fee, which is beyond The Sandbox's control.
  • The winners will receive their Alpha Pass on November 29, the day The Sandbox Alpha Season begins.

2) Daily Social Contests

Once the Alpha opens, anyone with a Sandbox account will be able to participate in our daily social contests to win an Alpha Pass. More than 750 Alpha Passes will be given away every week for three weeks. Sign-up to our newsletter and check our daily social media posts to participate (Twitter, Discord).

3) Purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea

Check the Alpha Pass’ availability on OpenSea between November 29th and December 19th. You can purchase one there if an Alpha Pass owner is willing to sell it.
Important notice:
Do not purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea after December 20 as the Alpha Season will then be closed and you will not be able to claim the Alpha Rewards of the Pass anymore.
Important notice for those based in Japan:
If you are based in Japan, you won’t be able to own an Alpha Pass due to local Play-to-Earn regulations — but you can still join the fun in the Alpha Hub!

What rewards can I earn in The Alpha?

In order to be eligible for the rewards you have to complete a series of objectives and complete the Alpha Season.
Owners of the Alpha Pass will have the opportunity to earn a selection of:
  • 1,000 SAND for completing all objectives of the Alpha.
  • 3 exclusive The Sandbox Alpha NFTs which will only be available during the Alpha, shown in the gallery below.
Alpha Dragon
Alpha Gate
Alpha Sword

How do you access The Sandbox Alpha event?

Players will simply need to go onto the Map section of The Sandbox's official website. Most of the map will be covered by fog on day one of the event. The fog will be removed and experiences will be unlocked in a planned schedule over the multiple weeks that the event will run for.
Clicking an available experience on the map will reveal information about that experience. Such as its name, description, thumbnail image and a list showcasing the rarest ASSETs that will be in that experience.
Players can travel to adjacent experiences by heading to the edge of the experience they are currently in. This means there is no need to go back to the dashboard after you have finished playing and exploring one experience.
For example, if there is another experience available to the east of the one you are currently in, walking to the eastern edge of the world will unlock the ability to teleport to that adjacent experience.

What is happening after the Alpha event?

There will be more events in the future. Upcoming events will bring more of The Sandbox's ecosystem and metaverse to life. There will be permanent progression achievements, daily quests, leaderboards loot, levels and experience (XP).
We plan to offer multiplayer experiences, cyclical game economy, consistent Play-to-Earn rewards, character progression, a permanent game world and many more.
Across the events, the metaverse will continue to expand. As this happens, the community will own and control more and more of the metaverse. Eventually The Sandbox will be a player in the game rather than the owner. This is the path to achieving decentralisation.
In each event we will expand on lore and introduce new features. But the core content of the game will be produced, judged, praised, improved and played by the community.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this event, join the community on Discord or Telegram.
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