Playing games

Ready player one? Learn more about playing games in The Sandbox's metaverse.

How do you play games in The Sandbox?

The ability to play games has not yet been released. At the moment, you can try out some templates and previews in the Game Maker software.

Does it cost anything to play games?

There are some free-to-play (F2P) games in The Sandbox. There will also be some non-free games in The Sandbox. Whether a game is free-to-play or not is entirely up to the designer of that game.

Can I earn $SAND from playing games?

Yes, you can potentially earn $SAND through Play2Earn mechanics. You can then use this $SAND to purchase ASSETs, avatar customisations or to access and play non-free games, amongst other things.

Can I destroy blocks, like stone, or ASSETs, like buildings, in a game?

Some blocks or ASSETs can be configured by the game designer to be destructible.