About Staking

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What is Staking and why is it important?

SAND is the utility and governance token used throughout The Sandbox's metaverse. In order to maintain a robust ecosystem, we want to encourage our community to think about the long-term vision and benefits of The Sandbox. Locking tokens within staking programs supports that vision and creates a layer of trust between all members of the community.
The first option we introduced was a (Layer 1) Ethereum liquidity providing program, which has since been discontinued. We now have liquidity providing programs on Polygon (Layer 2).
More opportunities will become available in the future, to further increase your potential as SAND owner - giving you a chance to prove your trust, and to earn even more rewards.
To enhance user security and compliance, we have implemented KYC verification for our staking process. Our goal is to ensure that our users' accounts are verified before they can participate in staking or claim their earnings. Unverified users can still withdraw their SAND, but only verified users can deposit new SAND and claim their weekly rewards.

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