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Dethrone is a fantasy adventure game where the player will find themselves in the middle of a critical historical event that is taking place in the region. The player will have to fight aside an army to protect the last god standing. Or join the new order.

About the game

Dethrone is a deeply immersive world that lies broken and in chaos. It is not only a unique world because of the evolution of its environment and gameplay, but also because of the deep backstory that it has; which can be found in every corner of the land. The world of Bylta needs help from an outsider - Who will you choose to aid?
The player will be plunged into a fantasy world and will experience a storytelling almost like no other. As the player progresses through the game, more stories will unfold and more secrets will be unravelled. All of which will start to come together and the fate of the world will be in the hands of the player.

Game objectives

The player finds themselves dropped in a dark cave. Two soldiers are trapped there and will "innocently" ask for the player's help. From that moment on, the player will be plunged and immersed into an ongoing war.
As the player progresses through quests, they will unlock new areas to explore and discover new enemies to face as they destroy and uncover pieces of the truth that will be revealed as the story unravels and the end of the chapter is reached.
During the game, the player will discover more about the region, why the disruption happened and how to get involved in either side. The war gets personal.


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From dangerous goblins to lurkers in the forest - some full of light and others full of grief - Dethrone's environment and ASSETs are very well made. Great care has also been made with regard to the lore that they carry and what the player could feel while exploring and discovering them.
Here are some sneak-peek images from Dethrone.
Goblins 1
Goblins 2
Goblins 3
Goblins 4
Peek 1
Peek 2
Peek 3
Peek 4
Take a look at some of the ASSETs you'll find in this game.
Mushroom Trees
And check out some of the different variety of blocks and biomes you might find:
Laying out the world

The Creator

Dethrone is being developed by a studio called Polygonal Mind.
Polygonal Mind is a diverse crew full of creative professionals with different skills. Formed in Zaragoza, Spain in 2017, today the team is an experienced studio that understands the challenges that any game companies face when the design factor comes in. Their experience and open-mind thinking bring various solutions while developing a game from the art concept to the launch. The crew of artists, designers, and developers work together in a studio, bringing ideas into their high-quality experiences.

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