What are premium LANDs?

What are premium LANDs and how are they different from regular LANDs? Find out here.

Premium LANDs

Premium LANDs have more benefits compared to regular LANDs.
  • Premium LANDs are surrounding major partners or social hubs. This means that the LANDs surrounding that area will experience higher traffic from players, due to players joining the metaverse through these social hubs via portals and then branching outwards to explore the nearby LANDs.
  • More traffic means more potential monetisation income through pay-to-play games or renting the LAND out to other developers.
  • Another benefit of having more traffic is that more players will see any advertisements that have been placed on billboards on premium LANDs. Potentially netting the premium LAND owner a small trickle of income from renting out billboard space on their LANDs to others or directing visitors to their own online store, and so forth.
  • There is also potentially less need for premium LAND owners to have to market their experiences on social media, compared to someone who built an experience on a regular LAND.
  • When premium LANDs are initially sold in sales, they will come with exclusive, limited-time ASSETs. Over time, these ASSETs will become highly desirable by collectors and game designers as they get rarer.

Are there any premium ESTATEs?

There are no premium ESTATEs in presale or public sales. Premium LANDs are sold in 1x1 size.
However, ESTATEs can be formed by combining premium 1x1 LANDs as long as they are adjacent to each other.

If I buy a premium LAND second-hand, such as on OpenSea, will I get the premium ASSETs with it?

Only if the seller of the LAND has included the premium ASSETs in the bundle on the NFT exchange, such as on OpenSea.
Please make sure you carefully read the offer to make sure you understand what you are buying and whether the second-hand premium LAND includes any premium ASSETs.
Premium ASSETs are very scarce. Once they have all been purchased in the initial LAND sale that they were included in, we will not be producing any more of them.