Game Jams

What are game jams? How do you enter? Find out more here.

The Game Jam is a contest for game designers, whether experienced or not. Winners can earn prizes of $SAND.

Making your Game Jam entry

Entrants will use the Game Maker software to create a fun and exciting game which relates to the theme of the current contest. You can work independently or in a team of up to four people.

There are many resources and tutorials to help you make a game using the Game Maker, if you need them.

Submitting your Game Jam entry

Once your creation is ready to be submitted as a Game Jam entry, you must upload it to the Game Maker gallery with the name "TSB Game Jam - Game Name". Of course, replace "Game Name" with the name of your game. See the GIF below.

Once you have submitted your creation to the gallery, you will need to complete this form:

Your entry will be judged by members of The Sandbox team.

See this article below for more information about Game Jams:

See this page for information on the currently active Game Jam (if there is one):