This page will explain how to withdraw (or unstake) from staking pools on The Sandbox.
Withdrawing, or unstaking, is the act of removing your stake from a pool. You might want to do this if you wish to pause your staking income or if you'd like to withdraw your SAND from the pool to use it elsewhere, such as on purchasing more LAND.
You do not have to withdraw from the staking pool in order to claim your rewards. For information on claiming your rewards without withdrawing your stake, see the Claiming Staking Rewards page.

Unstaking from ETH and MATIC

1) Go to your profile at The Sandbox, and select the Staking tab.
Then click on the farm you want to manage.
2) Click the Withdraw button. Withdrawing will also automatically claim the rewards on your behalf.
For SAND/ETH - If you are not on Ethereum Mainnet, you will be required to switch to that network.
For SAND/MATIC and mSAND on Biconomy - If you are not on Polygon Mainnet, you will be required to switch to that network.
3) Sign the transaction in your wallet's prompt.
Once you have signed the transaction in your wallet, your liquidity providing tokens (LP) will be withdrawn. On top of that, any accumulated rewards will also be collected.

Withdrawing from LAND

Staking SAND onto LAND is not available yet. We will update this page with withdrawal instructions after the feature is released.