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Metaverse Agencies

Learn about some of the agencies helping to bring brands to the metaverse and how to reach out to them.
Metaverse agencies are organisations that help to bring brands into the digital metaverse. As such, brands can approach these agencies to aid them with entering and building a presence in the Metaverse, including The Sandbox.
Below is an alphabetical directory of some such Metaverse Agencies.
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Al Dente

We are a creative agency dedicated to luxury brands, aiming to expand their cultural aura. We work for brands such as Chanel, AMI Paris, Boucheron, Emilio Pucci or Versace. We launched Metaluxury, a new expertise to create a bridge between luxury brands DNAs and Web3 culture. From meta strategy to crafting tailored experiences in The Sandbox, we gather a community of talents to create a virtuous economy and become the first social hub around luxury brands.

ArkBlock Studios

ArkBlock is a team of female led designers & architects bringing contemporary state of art architecture into the metaverse. We have been in the blockchain since 2017 and we understand its technicality and benefits. We provide Web3 Advisory and Consultation services which includes bridging & integration of regular business into web3, land acquisition & strategy. We also provide Architectural Design where we build unique architectural concepts like infrastructures, highrise buildings and landscapes, etc. Our Creative Design team creates fit for purpose arts & design such as voxelized assets, NFT art, game layout including sequencing & story telling for better interface and user experience.


We are an agency that sees itself as a gateway to the metaverse. Our primary mission is to help you provide your customers with incredible experiences in worlds tailored to your brand's ambition. As architects of virtual worlds, we promise you an experience rich in culture and meaning, from the design of your buildings to the art direction and curation of the events that will take place in them.


Bidstack is the leading in-game advertising & video game monetisation platform. Their sophisticated technology allows brands to serve advertisements into natural spaces within video games whilst protecting the gaming experience.
These branded experiences can vary from trackside banners and cityscape billboards to pitchside LED boards, skins or any other contextually relevant spaces within the metaverse. They unlock gaming as a safe and effective media channel for brands and advertisers, allowing them to engage with a growing and diverse audience.
The company has more than 80 staff across 5 international locations and is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

CGame Studio

As a pioneer in the metaverse in the Asia region, The CGame Studio (CGAME) aims to be the channel to connect this population with millions of brands and billions of people to the next phase of internet Web 3.0 and the metaverse. CGAME is a gaming studio with years of experience in gaming development, and honoured to be a member of Game Maker Fund. We serve brands and IPs to purchase LAND parcels, designing tailor-made assets, setting up of digital galleries, building customised gaming experience and community building. This generates strong marketing results to the brands and IPs which also lead to a diversification and globalization of The Sandbox metaverse.

Creative Collab

We are a full service NFT development company specializing in virtual land development, NFT utility, and legal consultation. We offer scalable solutions to all creators, artists, influencers, companies, and individuals interested in NFTs.


Born as a JV between Fast-Up Partners, a digital consultancy firm and, Endroad, a video game studio, FastRoad’s mission is to partner with corporations to build business and experiential value on the Web3/Metaverse. We can work with them as the “one-stop-shop” consulting and executional partner, from identifying the relevant “use cases,” defining the Web3 strategy, to concretely building and managing the Metaverse experiences over time. Additionally, because we are serial digital entrepreneurs, we can work with them as co-entrepreneurs, creating from scratch new Web3 eco-systems and ventures. Our team is singular in the Metaverse space because we combine all the strategic and executional skills required to succeed in building Web3/Metaverse experiences: digital entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, marketing and Web3 experts as well as game designers and developers.

Hyper Foundry

We love the Future. Really. That's why Hyper Foundry exists. To chart the best way to Web 3.0. The beginning of the internet, or Web 1.0 , allowed people to connect to information in a decentralized way. With Web 2.0 and the breakthrough of Social Media, we have found a whole new way to connect to others, to exchange information and data in an absolutely innovative way. But with Web 3.0 everything is evolving into a new reality. Within this new digital world, people will seek out new types of interpersonal connections - they will experience a true immersion in a new, virtual reality. The fundamental passage to the Superdigital Era will be based on the possession of virtual elements, which will allow for a personal definition and individual expression that was impossible until now. A must for premium brands. A new possibility for nascent brands. This is why we created Hyper Foundry.


INDEX GAME is working with The Sandbox to build experiences for The Sandbox's decentralized metaverse. Featuring the unique flavours of Hong Kong, one of our focuses is on designing voxel-based NFT assets, building exclusive gaming experiences, creating LAND social experiences by setting up hubs, galleries and more for The Sandbox. Bringing brands and IPs into the digital metaverse, we provide tailor-made one-stop-shop metaverse agency services to speed up their digital transformation, which results in an increased worldwide exposure through diving into the ecosystem of The Sandbox. Our team has over 20 years of experience on branding, and we provide advertising solutions in The Sandbox metaverse by promoting brand content on gaming and social experience. We do land acquisition for corporates to get access to the metaverse, and actualize the marketing ideas by building commercials/animations in voxel-style. We are developing our INDEX academy that would provide training opportunities to the potential LAND architects. And we organize seminars regularly for the public to raise awareness on the unlimited potential of metaverse.


With strong global support, Metalympics holds ESports competitions on The Sandbox. To solve the problem that minor landowners don’t have chances to promote their games against big brands, a team of professionals, such as NFT designers, video editors, a professional streamer, and game developers, will create partner-themed game experiences and competitions to successfully promote the partners’ games. We aim to hold the Metalympics Games in the truly open metaverse.

MetaMetric Solutions

MetaMetric Solutions is a metaverse consultant focusing on the acquisition and disposition of digital land. Our firm utilizes our own proprietary database which pulls in millions of data points from across the internet to help identify undervalued land. We work with clients across the sophistication spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, we have helped clients who are just getting interested in digital assets for the very first time and can help with wallet setup and education regarding security of digital assets in addition to helping them make their first land purchase. On the other end of the spectrum, we work with institutional caliber clients who have advanced knowledge of digital assets and the metaverse and are laser focused on execution and value. Our goal is to learn as much about the client’s wants and needs as possible and will then work with them directly to help them make optimal decisions as it relates to land acquisition. In addition to consulting with clients directly, we also make our data available to clients who are looking to enhance their own metaverse advisory business. We believe our database, which combines both on-chain data as well as off-chain data, can be utilized to identify the best land values across a number of different metaverse platforms.


Metaprints is a full-service gateway that helps Sandbox creators, agencies and brands scale their Sandbox development and experiences. We have worked with major cryptocurrency companies like Polygon, CoinGecko, Kucoin, and others, helping them structure plans, locate the best creative studios, acquire real estate, build creative assets (characters, fashion, buildings, vehicles, etc.), sell those assets and more. Backed by Animoca Brands, Metaprints has a notable network of the biggest metaverse projects and studios in the space and a dedicated team, giving them a unique and strategic ability to assist brands from the start of their project to finish.

Metaverse HQ

Metaverse HQ is the leading NFT Alpha Group with 1,400 active members. We are an international community that communicates via Discord through specific text channels and a 24/7 voice chat with 100s of members sharing alpha, investment strategies, market analytics, and technical analysis, at any given time. Our main goal is to educate and bring value to our members and the greater NFT community at large. One way we do this is through partnering with likeminded individuals and communities who align in our vision innovate and bring new people into the space with a positive experience. We've partnered with 100s of top notch organizations (showcased in our Medium articles) to help advise on overall vision, strategy, and events. Currently we're building on our 3x3 plot in the The Sandbox, and potentially looking to expand that experience to include activations from partners to show them the endless possibilities they can explore by incorporating into The Sandbox and creating fun experiences for their community.

Metaverse Studio

Metaverse Studio aims to be a popularization blog for technologies surrounding the concepts of Metaverse and NFTs published by the immersive agency Interactive Studio, created in 2005. Our expertise in holography, augmented reality, 3D design and social media naturally allow us this evolution towards WEB3. The services we offer with Metaverse Studio are: advice and purchases of virtual lands, promoting your acquisition, designing your Metaverse experience on The Sandbox, social hubs, and the modelling of voxel assets and NFTs. We believe that supporting our clients also means offering them simplified knowledge tools in order to speak the same language and bring the projects they entrust to us to a higher level of quality. We can also support you with consulting and training missions for your teams.


We are Miinded, a France-based multi-disciplinary studio. Basically, we make smart contracts and websites for web3 creators. We have worked with Snoop Dogg, The Sandbox, MekaVerse, Pudgy Penguins, and lots of other cool projects, including building CryptoFoxes.

Mooning Agency

A game-changing agency that helps you harness the power of Web3.0 through expert Metaverse consulting and NFT advice and applications within your marketing strategy to supercharge your results. We work with a range of NFT projects and/or large Web2 companies looking to transition into Web3.


We are Ogilvy, a multi-award winning creative network. We have been growing brands through culture-changing, value-driving ideas since David Ogilvy founded the company in 1948. We continue that rich legacy through our borderless creativity - operating, innovating, and creating at the intersection of talent and capabilities. In the midst of the web3 revolution, we truly believe in new economic, cultural and social transformation opportunities that the metaverse could bring. Today, we leverage our 70+ years of expertise in building and powering strong brand IPs, such ones we know to be the most loved and valued in Web3. Through our Branding and Experience capabilities, we aim to actively contribute to expand its potential. Partnering with clients, our experts and creatives strive to think, design and implement meta-solutions to transform their brand, and to make them matter in the new digital realm. Because our meta-solutions bring brands closer to communities, and help them develop new utility and interaction models. So that together, we can make the open metaverse further a reality.


PANGU by Kenal - the first primordial creator in the Metaverse. PANGU provides Metaverse to Offline services through web3, and produces valuable products in virtual worlds. Our team provides strategic and creative consultancy in the Land Experience, Asset Creation, The Metaverse Event and Exhibition. As our expertise focuses on the Metaverse, we understand new customer behaviours, providing strategies to improve brand identity on Metaverse.
PANGU develops branded in-game worlds, builds engaging and fun experiences and develops successful strategies. We specialize in the digital arts segment and help brands create the top Assets. Create brand moments into social movements that allow brands to own entertainment assets and even become an immersive experience in reality. Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | LinkTree


Parishanghai is a communication agency that specializes in gamification. We work with multiple sectors, like the luxury sector, industry, services, food, and so on. And with all international brands.
Because of our integrated video game studio, we can support you from the strategic thinking stage of your project, all the way to the production of your experience within The Sandbox.

Pole To Win

Pole To Win (PTW) is a global team of passionate, hard-working, ambitious gamers, whose goal is to make every gamer's experience as perfect as possible. We’re dedicated to helping your players, because they’re part of our community too. We’ve been working hard for players, clients, and the games industry for nearly three decades, providing industry-leading services to every part of the globe.


Reality+ Studios is a blockchain centric technology developer, building a wide portfolio of games, applications, web3.0 services and metaverse experiences. The development teams are composed of proven and experienced discipline leaders from relevant industry sectors, they ensure all our products stand out in the marketplace and adhere to a very high standard of quality. Reality+ are creating new internal IPs with broad audience appeal, as well as partnering with some of the world’s largest brands to deliver and live service manage engaging and rewarding Web3.0/Metaverse brand extensions. Development is agile, with regular stakeholder reviews managed by a highly experienced production team and external account managers. We have various subject matter experts within the teams, covering a wide plethora of areas such as game and application economies, free to play, live service design, data analysis, monetisation, brand guardianship, NFT trends and gamification, blockchain and smart contract design. Reality + are bringing some powerhouse brands into the Sandbox, including partners such as ITV, BBC and Aardman.

Smobler Studios

Hey, if you are reading this, Smobler Studios wants YOU. You are curious, future forward, in The Sandbox and shopping for a metaverse agency. Smobler is Singapore’s first The Sandbox investee studio focused on integrated brand marketing, PR engagement, LAND acquisition, phygital strategy and even IRL events. We are fast expanding globally also run The Sandbox Academy. Our partners include DBS, The Food Bank, Mighty Jaxx, Tools of Rock NFT and soccer superstars, Neymar Jr, Son and Figo. We also created the first metaverse wedding with some voxel babies on the way. The fact is: we may not know what the future holds but we definitely want to co-create it with you!

Swipe Back

You’re curious about it, your boss told you to look into it and your competitors are already in it. Your brand needs a presence in the Metaverse. But what’s the Metaverse? And how can your brand be your brand if you can’t even import your assets into the game? Don’t panic, we are here to help. As a Metaverse creative agency we support global brands somewhere between Web 2.0 and web3. From strategy and concept to production and amplification, we use the latest technologies to help you tell your story the right way, on the right platforms and for the right audience.Let’s make your plot an experience players won’t forget and let us help you activate on all relevant social platforms, from Discord to Twitch.


Verse helps to launch brands into the Web3 world through the Metaverse and NFTs. We do this through the four Cs: Concept, Creation, Community and Continuity. We idealize brand projects and make them into (virtual) reality, a reality consumers can engage with and build upon with their own building blocks, forever expanding and adding value to a world of possibilities.


If you aren’t familiar with what exactly we do at Virstate, here goes! We are a team of passionate experts who will build your future in the metaverse. We create customized, diversified high quality assets and the maps of your dreams into the most popular metaverse. So now, we want to hear more about you and your project. See you on the other side.


VIRTRIX is a 3D/AR creator and tech solutions partner specialized in constructing virtual experiences through web VR, AR, and the metaverse, taking brands and businesses through their digital transformation journey, to actualize potential in Web3 spaces. We bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds by developing engaging and meaningful virtual experiences, unlocking a new wave of digital e-commerce, art exhibitions, live concerts, and product showrooms. We create immersive web 3D / VR / AR solutions, such as virtual showrooms, art exhibitions, web 3D visualizers & customizers, and AR product visualization, creating a new dimension of marketing and presentation. We land businesses in the metaverse by designing meaningful digital experiences, build brand presence, and actualize web3.0 potential. We invest in, develop, and design digital environment and assets to unlock value that drives interaction.


As pioneer CX practitioners in the Metaverse, Webhelpers design impactful solutions, based on our sector-led approach and understanding of end-to-end journeys. Across the globe, our 110,000+ brand ambassadors deliver amazing experiences, supported by our flexible, scalable ways of working and best-of-breed tech. From day-to-day quick wins, all the way to complete transformation, we differentiate by creating bespoke outsourced solutions for our partners. From sales to service, content moderation to credit management, we provide services for brands across all sectors. For those brands currently developing experiences in the metaverse, such as gaming platforms and early adopters (retail and food), we help them develop their presence and create a safe space for customers and creators. Whether it’s helping platforms and early adopters embed the metaverse (gamer support, trust and safety, and community management) or supporting brands and platforms achieve maturity in the metaverse (asset development and brand development), our services are evolving accordingly to support brands as they continue developing their presence in the metaverse. Looking forward, we will further develop our expertise and skilling capabilities as the metaverse continues to evolve into an established channel.

Wonderbox Labs

Wonderbox Labs develop AR, NFT, and Metaverse solutions for brands and creators, taking care of all the complicated things to create unique experiences. Our partners include Polygon and Decentraland. NFTs: Wonderbox Labs enable companies to create smart contracts that can be useful, creating collections and communities with the aim to build new business opportunities for the clients. Augmented Reality: Wonderbox Labs develop augmented reality solutions to connect the real world with the digital one, creating AR webapp or app to improve business activities, in order to have better results in interaction and engagement of content. Metaverses: Wonderbox Labs create virtual spaces and customized showrooms in the metaverses from start to finish with the aim of bringing more and more brands to explore the future of online communication.

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