Transportation and portals

Find out more about transport and travel across The Sandbox's metaverse.


Will players be able to roam freely across the world to discover other LANDs and ESTATEs?

Players will be able to go to the edge of the LAND they are currently in and jump to any of the adjacent LANDS.
The player will enter the land via a spawn point which is fixed by the LAND owner (or is in the centre by default) and will be able to hop to the next LAND by walking to any of the edges. As the image below illustrates.

Can you walk between LAND parcels?

The Sandbox is not a single persistent world. We are still fine-tuning these details and will have something solid to share with you in the future. We are exploring many options, such as the possibility of roads that will allow players to travel in between LANDs and preview them.


What are portals?

Portals are devices that will allow players to connect to the metaverse and travel large distances between LANDs, ESTATEs and social hubs. Think of them as a subway system or maybe Stargates.
Early concept art for portals

Where can I find these portals?

Initially, these portals will be present on LANDs owned by The Sandbox or partners. Eventually they may become more widespread, for example, allowing the fast-travelling to the corners of the map.
ESTATEs with portals will have a blue portal symbol in the top-right corner of their thumbnail on the LAND map.

Can I buy a portal from The Sandbox's marketplace and put it on my LAND?

Portals are not ASSETs. So it will not be possible to purchase them from the ASSET marketplace.


Is travelling for players between neighbouring ESTATEs or games possible if both owners agree to it?

Two or more ESTATE owners can combine their ESTATEs to form a DISTRICT. This links the ESTATEs and allows players to freely walk across them.

Can you set a spawn point in games? / How do players enter my LAND?

We plan for players to be able to enter LANDs through spawn points and portals. Players will be able to travel to adjacent LANDs and also use transportation portals to allow fast-travel between distant LANDs.