How do you make a game on LAND?

Owning or renting LAND allows you to publish a game on it.
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Making a game

To make a game on your LAND or ESTATE, you will need to download the free Game Maker software.
You will be able to design and test your game using the Game Maker. When you are ready, you can publish the game onto your LAND for others to visit. You can also choose to monetise your game. We have some guides to help you with this.

ASSETs for your game

You can also use VoxEdit to create ASSETs, such as buildings, decorations, NPCs and enemies, to add into your game.

Hiring designers and collaborating

Alternatively, you can also hire designers to make a game or some ASSETs for you. You will also be able to collaborate with other designers and work on creating something together.