Staking Dashboard

Information about the staking dashboard at The Sandbox.
You will find the staking farms and their information in your profile at The Sandbox, under the "Staking" tab.

On The Dashboard

From this dashboard, you will find information about the currently available staking options. As well as the following information for each staking option:
  • Tokens required: The tokens you will need to stake into this program.
  • Total value locked: The value of all liquidity locked by members within the program.
  • My Rewards 7D: Your estimated 7-day reward.
  • Weekly Reward: The amount of rewards distributed within the program.
  • Current Rewards: What rewards are ready for collection.

Monitoring Your Activity

1) Go to your profile at The Sandbox. Go to the Staking tab.
2) Click on the farm you want to find information about.
3) Click on the "History" button.
You will now be able to see and monitor information for the selected farm, such as reviewing previous deposits, the withdrawals you have made, and the rewards you have claimed.