Light Trail Adventures

Light Trail Adventures is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox's Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this action-packed RPG exploration game that is exclusive to The Sandbox.

About the game

Light Trail Adventures is brought to you on The Sandbox by the same development team that is behind the Light Trail Rush game (which is available on Steam).
Light Trail Adventures is an RPG and exploration game that is modelled on the lore of Light Trail Rush and is set within a retro-futuristic city, which itself is surrounded by an unforgiving, desolate desert. Many migrants are attempting to get into the city in order to find means to survive and find odd jobs which are only available in the ramparts.
The city is built within The Sandbox metaverse, on the parcel located at the coordinates 24,42.

Game objectives

Unlocking the doors to the city will be the beginning of your exciting adventure. There are three main game mechanics: Solve riddles, collect treasures and defeat enemies.
Spread across six massive levels, you will explore this fantastic world, traverse a mind-boggling triple-decked maze, a cave infested with terrible creepers and more.
You will defeat unfriendly creatures, collect a precious resource called Ambrosium and discover an array of hidden, secret vaults.


Take a look at this video showing of part of the development process of Light Trail Adventures and giving you a sneak preview of the world.
Here is a gallery of sneak-peeks at some of the fantastic ASSETs and NFTs that you may find in Light Trail Adventures.
An Enemy
An Insect
A Spider

About the creator

Light Trail Adventures is brought to you by the same team behind Light Trail Rush - B2Expand.
B2Expand is an indie video game studio that is passionate about sci-fi games and new technology.
Our main mission is to offer empowering experiences by “Bringing back true ownership and peer-to-peer trading to players.”. Our continued efforts on designing a decentralized application called the Nexarium – a companion dapp where players may buy and trade in-game items – is one of the first steps to reach this goal of a transparent and trustworthy digital world.
The team is thrilled to build Light Trail Adventures. Our artist has always been a big fan of Minecraft, creating assets from scratch and letting the imagination go wild is fun. As Game Maker and VoxEdit are still under continuous development, it’s exciting to test new features and game mechanics as they are introduced by the Sandbox team.
Creating on VoxEdit and Game Maker is clearly an experience which is oriented towards artists. Without relying on Unity /Unreal developers, the artists team can create from concept to the making and integrate. Seeing the result instantly is very rewarding. A lighter workflow reflects that very well. We love that other makers are working on the same platform, it gives us ideas on setting-up common goals with partnerships.

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