Alpha Season 2

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is an exciting event which taking place within The Sandbox's metaverse. Find out more about this event, when it begins, how to participate and what you get in return.
Alpha Season 2 has ended. Any information on this page is not likely to be accurate in future releases of Alpha Seasons! This page remains live as a historical reference to past seasons at The Sandbox.

What is The Sandbox Alpha Season 2?

The Alpha Season 2 is the second round of Alpha testing - an improved version of the first Alpha event. It launches on the 3rd March at 3pm UTC.
It will be an opportunity for players to experience The Sandbox metaverse, some for the very first time, while allowing The Sandbox to collect feedback from the community. It will also be an opportunity for players to earn SAND cryptocurrency through Play-To-Earn.
We collected all of the feedback from the community during Season 1 and used it to make Season 2 bigger and better.

What has changed?

Alpha Season 1 was so much more popular than we anticipated that it sometimes caused the alpha client to experience long loading times when trying to sort new players into live play instances within the metaverse. On top of that, Alpha 1's popularity also caused our Discord community to become over capacity, preventing some of you, our amazing Sandboxers, joining us for discussions and support there.
We have grovelled to Discord to increase our Discord community server's capacity, so that we and other community members can chat to more of you during the Alpha and provide live support if needed. We have also made some tweaks to the alpha client, which we hope will result in a smoother user experience. A chunk of the epic team here at The Sandbox has spent many long, caffeine-fuelled hours testing (including stress testing) the alpha client for you. And so have some of our awesome Ambassadors. We have also made improvements to the Play-To-Earn system.
In Season 2, anybody can now access all of the experiences that are available, regardless of whether they hold an Alpha Season 2 Pass or not. Oh, and there are more Alpha Passes up for grabs.
One more thing - Players who have a Mac can also play in Season 2, which was one of the most popularly-requested features in the community during Season 1. We hired a team of brilliant Mac developers to develop a Mac-compatible alpha client just for you, you bunch of Apple lovers.

How do you access Alpha Season 2?

To access Alpha Season 2, you just need to register an account at The Sandbox. That's it.
Anyone with an account on The Sandbox will be able to access and play all of the experiences in Alpha Season 2. However, to earn SAND through Play-To-Earn, you will need to be holding a Season 2 Alpha Pass in the wallet that is connected to your account at The Sandbox.
You can get the Alpha client from the Alpha page on The Sandbox website.

What Play-To-Earn rewards are there?

In Alpha Season 2, you could earn up to 1,000 SAND for completing objectives in games. Yep, you read that correctly - you will be paid for playing games. Dream come true, right?
You will need to be holding a Season 2 Alpha Pass in the wallet that you connected to your account at The Sandbox in order to be eligible for Play-To-Earn rewards.
Important notice for those based in Japan:
If you are based in Japan, you won’t be able to own an Alpha Pass due to local Play-to-Earn regulations — but you can still join the fun in the 31 experiences!

How do you get a Season 2 Alpha Pass?

There are three ways to get hold of a Season Alpha Pass.

Option One - Raffle

You can earn raffle tickets completing quests in the alpha, as well as by holding certain NFTs, such as LANDs and Season 1 Alpha Passes. The more raffle tickets you have, the more chance you have of winning a Season 2 Alpha Pass.
The raffle will be drawn at the end of Alpha Season 2, on the 31st March. Winners will be notified by email and instructed where and how to claim their passes. Remember that the only legitimate web address for The Sandbox is Learn more about the raffle by clicking here.
How to get raffle tickets (click to enlarge)
Tickets for holders (click to enlarge)

Option Two - Contests

Season 2 Alpha passes can also be won by entering contests. These contests can be found on The Sandbox's official social media, official Discord community and on The Sandbox website itself. Here are some links:
The contest winners will be drawn once per week. Winners will be sent an email, which will explain where and how to claim their passes. Remember that the only legitimate web address for The Sandbox is

Option Three - Secondary Sales (OpenSea)

For some reason, some people may choose to sell their Season 2 Alpha Passes on OpenSea. You can purchase these passes if you wish to do so. Bear in mind that these passes are not being sold by The Sandbox, but rather by another holder.
Pay attention! Make sure you are purchasing a Season Two Alpha Pass, not a Season One Alpha Pass!
The Sandbox is not responsible should you purchase a Season One Alpha Pass instead of a Season Two Alpha Pass from the secondary third-party market.
Pay attention even more! Check the Alpha Pass listing is legitimate! Legitimate passes on OpenSea:
  • Have a blue verification checkmark next to the collection name.
  • Have the collection name "The Sandbox ASSETS".
  • Are created by "TheSandboxGame".
  • Need to be on the Ethereum network (see the "details" tab on the listing page).
The Sandbox is not responsible should you purchase a fake pass on the secondary third-party market.

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