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What are ASSETs?

Learn more about ASSETs NFTs in The Sandbox.


The term 'ASSETs' refer to the voxel assets in The Sandbox. They are entities which are designed with the intention to provide content to experiences, such as games, that are designed on LANDs. They can also be collectables, be monetised and be traded.
These ASSETs are converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) when they are uploaded to The Sandbox's marketplace, based on the ERC-1155 smart contract.


There are different categories of ASSETs:
  • Entities - These are NFTs which will populate an experience with non-playable characters (NPCs) such as people and animals. In other words, entities that will bring a game or world to life. For example, a farmer, a chicken, a dinosaur, a treasure hunter and so on.
  • Equipment - These are NFTs that can be placed in the player's inventory. They can be equipped in order to help the player complete game objectives. For example, a sword, a shield a helmet, a pair of gloves and so on.
  • Wearables - These are cosmetic items that will change the look of the player's avatar. These items can be mixed and matched to give players a unique fashion style to their avatars. For example, a classy t-shirt, a pair of jeans, some shoes, a hat, a pair of bunny ears and so on.
  • Art - These are NFTs that serve mainly as visual decorative items to add some wow factor into games and experiences. For example, framed artwork, statues, landmarks and so on.
  • Blocks: These are environmental blocks that change the look of the world. Some basic blocks are already available (ie: water, mud, sand). But artists can create unique blocks for more unique worlds (ie: purple water, cute sparkly lava, mud blocks of a lighter soil type).

How to get ASSETs

Basic ASSETs will already be available to you in the Game Maker.
You can create your own unique ASSETs to use and even monetise by selling them on the marketplace with The Sandbox's VoxEdit software.
Alternatively, you can purchase ASSETs designed by other artists via the marketplace with $SAND.
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