How to create an account on The Sandbox

Here is a detailed guide on how to create an account on The Sandbox.

How to create an account at The Sandbox

Step One:

Visit The Sandbox website: Click the Sign Up button in the top-right of the webpage.
If you need to change the language of the webpage, click the globe icon that is next to the Sign Up button.

Step Two:

Choose a registration option.
You now have multiple options:
  • Select the "Connect My Wallet" option to connect an existing cryptocurrency wallet that you own and register your account through your wallet.
  • Select the Google (Gmail) or social network options if you do not yet wish to create or connect a wallet to your account - you can connect one later.

Step Three:

Once you have registered your account, you will then be asked to set yourself a username. You will also be asked to set a password to protect your account. And to provide an email address, where you will receive notifications (such as about pending rewards you can claim, or support requests).

How to connect a wallet to your account