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Editing and customising your ESTATE's description and logo

The description and thumbnail of an ESTATE can be changed. Learn how here.

You have the ability to customise your ESTATE information. You can:

  • Edit the name.

  • Edit the description.

  • Edit the URL.

  • Upload a logo.

How to customise your ESTATE

Go to your Sandbox profile by clicking Me on the left toolbar of the website while logged in. And then go into your Inventory, select the ESTATE tab and select the one that you wish to customise.

On the ESTATE information page, you will see three dots on the right. Click this and then select Edit.

Alternatively, locate your ESTATE on the map and click the edit icon in the information panel while it is selected.

The LAND edit screen (the layout of this page may be subject to change)

Name and description

Give your LAND or ESTATE a unique name and describe what players can expect or do if they visit. Try to make it sound attractive to players.

Upload a logo or image to represent your digital real-estate.

This should be no more than 90kb and in either .webp .jpg, .png or .svg formats.

You could make a high quality image (.PNG format or higher) and then convert it into WebP to have a light file without sacrificing quality.

Squared images in .svg format are optimal. Otherwise, 1 LAND is equal to 40px.

The map

Your new name, description and logo will be viewable on the LAND map.

On ESTATEs, the logo that you upload will be visible as a thumbnail on the map. However, for smaller LANDs, the player will need to select the LAND to view its information in order to see the image.

Please note that images, names and descriptions must conform with The Sandbox's terms of use. That means no NSFW content, for example.