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Experience Publishing

New tools are now available for LAND Owners to prepare Experiences for launch later this year and for Creators to share their project with the world!

Start Building the Open Metaverse Today

By the end of 2023 we will open the metaverse to LAND owners, allowing them to launch their Experiences in The Sandbox.
Visit the Map, linked below, to explore LAND owner content already launched in the metaverse:
LAND Owners
Share your Experience info with the world and build your community by publishing your very own Experience page
Get ready for a steady stream of content through UGC-powered Experiences on the Map

New Experience Hub to Manage Your Project

Learn about the new Experience Hub tools to get your project ready for launch
Find answers to frequently asked questions

An Integrated Ecosystem

We've created a Content Guide to help you prepare content for your Experience Page, which will be used in the Metaverse Map and the Game Client. Below, we've also included an overview of the flow to create, publish, and launch content with The Sandbox Game's software since we've introduced new tools.


Purchase entities in the Marketplace or create your own in VoxEdit and manage them in your Workspace. Sell some on the Marketplace for players and other creators. Bring them to life in an Experience in Game Maker using plug and play logic. Search our Partner Directory to find an agency to help build your project.


Link your virtual LAND with the Experience you've created so it can be discovered on the Metaverse Map. Even if you don't own LAND yet, you can start an Experience in Game Maker and publish an Experience Page about your planned content. Share the link to it with the world using social media and engage with your community. Take advantage of these new tools in the Experience Hub.


By the end of 2023, you'll be able to choose when your Experience will be live and what players need to access it. Some Experiences may be free, some may require a small fee in SAND, and some may require ownership of one or more NFTs or ownership of an NFT from a specific collection to grant access. You may also submit a your Experience for early launch approval.
You must own all entities, or assets, in your Experience as well as virtual LAND to launch it. Our new Experience Hub helps you verify all of the details to simplify your launch!
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