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What are Blocks?

Blocks form the terrain of your experience and can come in a variety of textures.


Experiences in The Sandbox are made up of two types of objects
  • Blocks are used to build terrain on Land.
  • Assets are the functional or decorative elements added to Land, such as enemies, structures, or items.
Blocks, used to create terrain in the Game Maker, are the less complex of the two object types.
Each block is 32 by 32 by 32-pixels, which in the Game Maker equates to 1-meter by 1-meter by 1 meter.
While there are default blocks that come with the Game Maker, you can also create custom blocks using VoxEdit. To read more about using VoxEdit to create custom textures you can check out the topic in the VoxEdit GitBook about the VoxEdit Block Editor.
You can press the 'L' key to bring up the Library and use the filter on the left-hand side of the menu to show all the available Blocks.
Last modified 1yr ago