NFT Display Information

Display NFT Information 'in-game' as well as link to their associated marketplace.
Using the NFT Display Information Component allows you to share details about your NFT collections directly in your experience, as well as a link to the Marketplace listing of that NFT.
This is a great way to engage your visitors by sharing your collection or directing users to the Marketplace where they can get their own copies of the displayed NFT.

What Does It Display?

NFT Display Information will work directly on Assets to display their details, as well as on Objects using the NFT Image Display Component. In both cases, this will give visitors the ability to directly, or indirectly trigger a pop-up window showing information including:
  1. 1.
    The Name of the NFT
  2. 2.
    A thumbnail of the NFT
  3. 3.
    Identify if it’s an External NFT or a Sandbox NFT
  4. 4.
    Who it’s created by
  5. 5.
    Who it’s owned by
  6. 6.
    A description of the NFT
  7. 7.
    A button to view the NFT in the Marketplace.
The Marketplace, either OpenSea or The Sandbox, depends on the type of NFT. If it is linked from OpenSea, the user will be able to navigate straight from the experience to the OpenSea listing.
The NFT Display Information Component is simple but powerful and only requires two parameters to be adjusted:
Message Required - to trigger the information display pop-up.
Details Target - to identify which assets information is being displayed.
So let’s cover how to set this component up in your experience.

Message Required

The Message Required parameter can be set to anything you would like, however, there are a couple of best practices to keep in mind.

Direct Interaction

If you would like users to be able to click directly on the Asset or an NFT Image linked in a frame, then you should use ‘Interact’ as the Message Required, as this is tied to the message sent by the Avatar when they press ‘E’.
Using this message is a quick and easy set-up that requires the user to be able to get up close to the object to trigger the display.
Add the Indicator Component and turn on the Display Interaction Input option to let players know how they can interact with the NFT.

Display at a Distance

You can also set up a separate Object to trigger Display Information, which can be useful if the NFT Display Information Component is attached to an Object or Frame that is out of reach for the avatar to interact with directly.
To do this, you will need to set the message the Component listens for.
First, click on the box next to ‘Message Required’. This will show a drop-down of your previous messages, which you can either choose from, or you can type directly into the box to create a new message.
If you have typed a new message then click ‘Add [Message Name]’. This will now be the required message that will trigger the display of the NFT data.

Broadcasting a Message

To trigger the NFT Details Display at a distance you will also need to set up an object with a Behaviour or Component that can send a message to the NFT Display Information Component.
You can use anything that sends a message, so get creative with how you would like your NFTs to be interacted with, but in this instance, the simplest set-up is to choose an object and attach the Button Behaviour to it.
While you can use any message you would like, it is useful to create unique messages for each display trigger. For example, if you are setting up a gallery, and don’t want to trigger the Display Information of the wrong NFT, then it helps to make sure you have unique messages.
Here we have used the sign Object, applied the Button Behaviour to it, and then set the Message that the NFT Display Information Component is listening for.
Because the Button Behaviour uses ‘Interact’, the Avatars ‘E,’ as a trigger by default, all we need to do is make sure that the message sent matches the Message Required on the targeted NFT, and you are almost done.

Details Target

Now that we have our message set up, we’ll go back to the Object with the NFT Image Display Component, and make sure it’s set to call on the correct information when triggered.


If you want to show the details of an NFT image displayed in a Frame, then make sure you choose NftImage from the dropdown next to Details Target.
The NFT Image Display Component will only be available on an Object with a Frame.
When the user clicks ‘View in Market Place', this will take them to OpenSea.


If you want to show information of an Asset in your experience, then have the dropdown next to Details Target set to ‘Asset.’
When the user clicks ‘View in Marketplace’ this will take them to The Sandbox Market Place.
And that’s it. You should now have an Asset or a linked NFT Image, that can be interacted with directly, or indirectly, which will display information about that NFT and allow the user to view it on the Marketplace!