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Global Parameters

All the needed information about Global Parameters are here.


Use the Global Parameters window to make your Experience unique. It is there that you can define:


Avatar Type

Everything you should know about the Avatar customization is in the Avatar section.


The Global Parameters allow you to choose which Camera type you would like in your Game.
There are 4 Camera types:
  • 3rd Person
  • 1st Person
  • Top
  • Top Down
The 3rd Person Camera is the default and recommended Camera. It is the best for a great gaming experience.

1st Person

1st Person Camera is a common Camera in Video Games. While it is great for immersive Experiences, it can be frustrating to have it as it doesn't allow Players to see what's behind.


Top Camera is a far Avatar point of view. Allow to easily see the Environment.


Top Down Camera is less far than the Top one, and provide a better Avatar visibility.


The Controller section is where you set up your Avatar parameters, and where you can add Components to it. It's the main place to customize the Player's Gameplay, as you can select which type of Controller you would like to have and how it would be played.


In the Ambience section, you are able to define which type of Sky you would like to have, but also the Music of your Game!
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