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Types of Behaviours

Animated Decoration: Allows to play one of the Asset animations. Asker: Set questions for NPC's that can trigger messages on answers. Asset Spawner: Spawn an asset automatically or whenever you ask it to. Basic Platform: Moves back and forth to wherever you want. Bird: Fly above ground in a circle. Button: Trigger an action when pressed. Citizen: Passive patrolling NPC. Door: Open/close when activated with interaction or a trigger. Farmer: Harvesting NPC that collects plants. Healer: Restores health when you or friendlies are injured. Flees from hostiles. Melee Enemy: Hostile NPC that attack you or others that get too close. Message Broadcaster: Sends a message to activate another event. Multi: Spawn block entities around the Multi. Plant: Multi-stage (growing) asset, eaten by herbivores. Predator: Hostile creature that walks until its hungry and attacks friendlies. Prey: Passive creature who eats plants and flees from Hostiles. Replace Asset: Switch an asset to a different asset when activated. Soldier: NPC that attacks Hostiles who also defends itself when attacked. Void: Destroy blocks and assets colliding with it. None: No Behaviour. Environment object only, not interactive.
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