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Interface Overview

The Game Maker Interface refers to the window you use when the application opens.
The Game Maker Interface is the main work area you will be using when you open up a new or existing project.
The Interface is made up of 5 major sections, each with its own unique variables and options to help you with your workflow. These are the:
1️⃣ Top Bar, for saving exporting and controlling the settings for the entire scene.
2️⃣ Side Bar, for choosing the tools for placing and manipulating elements within your scene.
3️⃣ Toolbar and Library, for choosing the elements you would like to add to your scene.
4️⃣ Properties Panel, for adjusting the parameters and variables of the elements in your scene.
5️⃣ Viewport, for placing, organising, and interacting with the elements added to your scene.
The following pages will offer a detailed breakdown of the options and tools available in each area of the Interface.
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