How to use the camera controls to pan the camera.
Panning the camera allows you to move left, right, up, and down, while maintaining your distance from what's in front of you.
This movement helps you to line up your perspective while maintaining your proximity, making sure you are in the right position for adjusting and tweaking your experience.

🖱️ Using the Mouse

You can Pan the camera by clicking and holding the Middle Mouse Button (MMB).
While holding the MMB down drag your mouse in the desired direction to reposition your field of view.
Panning moves you in parallel to your field of view, keeping you at the same distance from what's in front of you.

⌨️ Using the Keyboard

If you prefer using the keyboard, you can also use A, D, Spacebar, and C.
⬅️ A to move Left ➡️ D to move Right, ⬆️ Spacebar to move Up, ⬇️ and C to move Down.