All the needed information about the Hierarchy are here.
The Hierarchy allows you to organize Objects, and the relationships between Objects, in your Experience.
It also lets you quickly search and find something.
The Hierarchy lets you create Parents and Children, which is crucial for some types of complex content.
A well-organized Hierarchy will be easier to edit and manage.

Access the Hierarchy

Open and close the Hierarchy panel by clicking the blue square in the bottom right corner of the screen.
This will toggle open a vertical panel along the left edge of the workspace, which is where you will find the names of all the objects currently used in your experience.

Using the Hierarchy

Each OBJECT in the Hierarchy has three buttons to the right of the Object name.
The Crosshair will move the field of view directly to that OBJECT in the expereince.
You can also press the F key to centre the camera on the selected Object.
The Eye icon lets you toggle the Objects visibility on and off.
The Hamburger Menu Icon will toggle a drop-down menu with several options to manage the OBJECT.
The Menu allows you to do several things, such as:
Rename: quickly rename the OBJECT directly in the Hierarchy (its name becomes editable)
Duplicate: duplicate the selected OBJECT (can be done with Ctrl+D too)
Delete: delete the selected OBJECT
Save to Preset: create a PRESET with the selected OBJECT
Replace with Preset: open the PRESET menu and asks for a PRESET to be selected to trigger the replacement.


You can drag & drop OBJECTs in the Hierarchy to organize the content list. Drag your selection and drop it between two OBJECTs in the Hierarchy.