◑ Building a Social Hub

This guide will share some key ideas you will need to know to create a Multi-Player Social Hub.

What is a Social Hub?

A Social Hub is a Sandbox Experience built with Multiplayer in mind and a focus on bringing people together for social activities and sharing information. They are a great way to connect with your audience, your community and your friends!
An example of this is the @sandstormmeetup. Sandstorm ran the first-ever Sandbox digital meetup, joined by the @CyberKongz community, which was quickly followed by more meetups with NFT communities @GutterCatGang and then @Animetas1.
These events gave each group a platform to talk about their big plans in the metaverse with all those who participated.
The features currently available for Multiplayer experiences like Social Hubs allow you to create platformer games, mazes, hide and seek, dance parties, explore vast areas, finding secrets vistas, or talk to characters.
Whether you are interested in building an art gallery or meeting space, jungle, throne room, the bottom of the ocean, or deep in a cave, you decide the tone, colour, ambience and activities that can take place.
Give your attendees bragging rights so they can let everyone know they were part of the event by distributing tokens to participants using Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP)

Why Run a Sandbox Social Event

Creating a Social Event gives you the freedom to make connections your way.
They offer more than just a casual coffee, or chat on the phone, it allows you to engage and connect in pretty much any environment you would like, and this helps make an impact!
Social Events held in a Social Hub are often complemented through Live Streams to help reach a broader audience and encourage discussion while playing and exploring.
When Sandstorm ran their meetup they doubled their follower base on both Twitter and Discord that day, with five hundred people either watching the stream on Twitch or listening in on Discord.
Exciting, right! Well, before we get started, jump into the next topic to hear about some key mechanics you will have to consider while building your experience.