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Video Tips

Use a variety of angles, speeds, and motions to bring variety to your videos.

General Tips

  • Remember to capture Video at 1080p 60fps MINIMUM
  • Remove weapon from the Avatar's hand if it’s not an experience with fighting in it.
  • If your video is behind the scenes or gameplay, then don't cut the user interface, shoot all the screen (especially the chat if multiplayer).
  • Think about diversity in the Non-Player Character population, the metaverse is wide and should represent all users.
  • If the experience is multiplayer make sure you capture footage with other players in it. Avoid capturing a multiplayer experience that feels empty and uninhabited.

Plan Your Video as If It Was a Movie

Work with different camera positions: record your game session at least 3 or 4 times, each time with a different camera position. Use the same path, do the same things each time. It will be easier to cut and create the final video that way.

Shorten the Overall Video Length

Thanks to the various camera positions, you can speed up some moments in the video you produce by cutting from one moment to another. Time is precious, so keep on topic and avoid showing boring stuff - go straight to the point. Videos above 1 minute are already considered quite long.

Building at a Fast Pace

When showing the construction process, in most cases the comfortable way to show that without having the camera shake is to deconstruct things first without moving the camera, then playing the scene backwards.
When placing blocks, always place blocks of the same type, since it will look more realistic when played backwards. When placing assets, try to lift them first before hitting delete, this will give the feeling of asset placement onto the map.

Pan the Camera

When showing parts of your map, try to add a slight and smooth pan or tracking motion to it so that your shots look less static.
The default movements from the editor can sometimes be too fast. To add some variety, and a little more control you can use a couple of tricks.
  • Record while playing as an invisible avatar with the camera position set really high (50) and movement speed set really low.
  • You can also place invisible blocks at various heights and use them as platforms for recording.
  • This will work in vertical shots as well. For epic reveals build a column with invisible ladders, then climb in first-person view at a slow pace.

Points of View

When showing content from your experience find different ways of sharing the same information. Choose a few different perspectives to bring variety and give more material to cut between when editing your content together for the final video.
You can record the same scene of the same action 3 or 4 times from a different camera point of view. Try first person, then the third person and at different heights from the point of focus.
Try to avoid going through buildings with the camera, or moving too fast.

Text and Overlays

Use titles and text as well as graphic overlays to help break up your video into digestible chunks.
This also gives your viewers context for what they are being shown, allowing you to highlight and explain important points and key takeaways.
Use the lower and upper third text to share more information about your video - some things are not self-explanatory!
Here you can see details about the Land Sale in the Upper Third, and some details about the Special NFTS in the Lower Third.
Mixing images and text is also a very powerful technique. Here is a before and after example of video content improved through the use of using graphics to create an image overlay.
While this can be a useful technique, try not to overdo it. Think of it as a supporting technique. Images do, after all, share a lot of information by themselves.
You can also use shapes such as arrows or rectangles to point to our outline specific features you don't want your viewers to miss.

Putting it Together

In the example below, you can see a number of these techniques put to good use.
Reverse Terraforming: 00:30s
Asset creation: 00:35s
Asset tweaking: 00:43s
Slow camera slides for a distance: 01:10s