Monetising Your ASSETs

You have ownership of ASSETs you create using VoxEdit, and can sell them on the Marketplace.
Please note that while The Sandbox is in Alpha the follwing options are not available to all creators at this time. You can however start planning and creating content so it is redy to go once these features become widly available.

Methods of asset / NFT monetisation

Selling on The Sandbox Marketplace: It will be possible to sell your assets within The Sandbox's official asset marketplace.
Selling on Secondary Marketplaces: Another possibility is to sell an NFT collection on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible.
Pay-To-Play Contests: You could host a contest within a pay-to-play LAND where the prize is a free asset. Consider the following scenario as an example:
  • Your asset is priced at 30 SAND each. You have 10 assets total to give away as prizes. That's 300 SAND worth of assets total.
  • The price of accessing your experience is 25 SAND. A total of 150 players pay to access your experience and enter the contest. That's 3,750 SAND earned from entry fees.
  • Minus the price of the 10 assets given as prizes equals 3,450 SAND in profit. (Don't forget about the gas fees associated with sending out the prizes, however).
Remember that you need to keep at least one asset for your game to work correctly. So if you have 21 copies of an asset that is used in your experience, you must only sell a maximum of 20 of them and keep at least 1 for yourself.
Entry Requirements: Assets can be an entry requirement for accessing an experience in the metaverse.
  • For example, before a player can access an experience called Sword Master Championships, they will need to purchase one of the creator's sword assets from the Marketplace.