Interoperability Overview

Interoperability allows NFTs on the blockchain to have utility in multiple environments.
Choose your Avatar. Enter the Metaverse.
We are building an open NFT metaverse where existing NFTs can use our interoperability tools. Utilising these tools, you can turn 2D collectible image NFTs into 3D playable animated avatars that explore, run, jump, socialize, fight, dance, play games, and interact with their other peer Avatars in The Sandbox.

Profile Pictures to Players

But let’s back up, if you are new to this space we want to take a moment to make sure you know just how exciting this is!
The Crypto industry has given rise to a broad variety of Profile Picture (PFP) projects. These are models, images, or artworks that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and characters that are often linked to specific communities, each with its own distinct and unique personality. PFPs can be collected for their aesthetic or market value, or used for self-expression.
An Avatar is a character you can play as when joining a game or digital experience. Like a PFP, these also come in a range of shapes, colours, sizes, and often with a variety of customizations that players will choose from depending on how they want to appear in the experience.
This is a non-NFT based Avatar players can customize to explore The Sandbox.
While The Sandbox lets anyone join the Metaverse by using our free Avatar customization tools, what’s exciting is that we are seeing the PFP and Avatar worlds merging. Soon avid community members of PFP collections will be able to join the Metaverse using a unique NFT Avatar based on the PFP they own.

Standing out in the Metaverse

If you have ever owned a branded item of clothing, a bag, a watch, some shoes, a computer, or a phone, if you have ever felt an affinity with specific communities; a sports team, a school, a service industry, a company, or a band, then you’ll likely understand the desire to find a way to show your support - to show that you are connected to that group.
Avatar collections allow you to do just that, and the explosive growth of these NFT Collections has seen users replacing their profile photos on Twitter with their favourite Avatars to let people know where their allegiances lie. From Apes to Cats, Aliens to Craniums, the evolution of these communities continue to grow as more and more people find ways to connect and engage in new and exciting ways.
But like many other items, like a new pair of shoes, golf clubs, a car, a surfboard, or that fancy new suit or dress - you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to put them to good use. If you have spent the time and effort getting all dressed up, you would want somewhere to go, right?
Well, this is exactly what The Sandbox Interoperability Bridge is for!
If you have created a community with an Avatar project, it’s time to consider taking it to the next level. It’s your chance to step into the Metaverse as your Avatars. What does this look like?
Recently The Sandbox acquired Bored Ape #3749 aka “The Captain” - a six trait, gold fur ape with a sea captain's hat, a black t-shirt, and, of course, laser eyes. While supporting and being part of the community is fantastic as it is, what’s even more exciting is the opportunity to step into The Sandbox Metaverse as The Captain.
You can see a visual representation of the process above and below. The NFT is analysed, identifying all of its unique traits, that data is translated and mapped to nodes on an underlying avatar rig, the unique voxelized components are modelled in accordance to each property of the underlying NFT, and then, with the help of The Sandbox Interoperability Bridge, all the pieces are combined.
Once all the pieces are in place, the potential to explore the metaverse as your favourite Avatar is unlocked!
Communities such as Cyber Kongz VX, Guttercat Gang, RTFKT, VoxoDeus, DystoPunks, Bored Mummy Waking Up, Ethlings, MonstroCities, and The Wicked Craniums are already positioning themselves to add value to their communities by setting up homes on parcels of The Sandbox LAND, and preparing their Avatars to explore them!
So, how can you get involved and prepare your community for this adventure into the Sandbox Metaverse? Read on to find out!