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Getting Ready to Publish

Gather the best examples of your work so far to get your audience excited about the release.
You have put in the hard work to build your project, all the pieces are coming together as planned. Now it is time to do the same with your marketing material.
Get the word out by sharing some key highlights of your project. What are you most proud of and excited about? More so, what is your audience looking forward to? Choose the most eye-catching aspects of your experience and ASSETs and create a punchy media campaign.
This step is all about consolidating your best work so far, packaging it up as an overview of your project, and getting it out for as many eyes to see as possible.

Create a Trailer

Having a trailer or teaser for your project is very important when it comes to showing it off to potential users or players. The video should be attention-grabbing, maybe with some musical/sound effects.
Make sure you are licensed to use the audio in your videos. Pay for the license or ensure you use creative commons audio and are certain of the usage rights associated with it.
Your trailer should be uploaded to video-sharing communities (ie, YouTube, Vimeo). Make sure you hold onto the MP4 copies of the video, you can share them with collaborators as and when needed.

Create a Website

Having a website or a webpage for your project will greatly improve your potential user reach through search engines and social media.
It is up to you whether your project gets its own individual website or has a webpage on your existing website, but we recommend that larger projects have their own website separate from any of your existing ones.
Your website should also have a "call-to-action" feature, encouraging visitors to visit and register for The Sandbox.